CES 2017 wrap-up: Saturday 7th January

By | 1 minute read | January 7, 2017

leadspace image of las vegas skyline where the CES event is held

CES 2017 is well under way, and we’ve been on the ground soaking up everything IoT-related from the annual tech bonanza. Here are some of today’s highlights:

Education, education, education

A major theme at today’s sessions was the way VR and AR can impact education. This afternoon’s conference Beyond the Looking Glass showcased the tech schools are using to enhance learning in the contemporary classroom, and to help provide differentiated learning tools to cater for individual students’ unique needs.

VISA Vegas eRace: the virtual racing competition

The world’s first fully electric, single seater racing series, FIA Formula E Championship, pitted 20 of the leading names in motorsport against 10 fans in a virtual race. The rival drivers competed to win a slice of a $1 million prize.

Last gadget standing contest winners

Yahoo! Tech’s David Pogue and his team of experts were on call to help choose the most promising product on the CES show floor, in Last Gadget Standing, CES’ longest-running contest. Sweeping the title of Live Winner was the Matrix Powerwatch, a smartwatch powered by the energy generated by its wearer’s body. Linksys Velop, a Whole Home Wi-Fi solution, stole the title of Online Winner.

Mobile apps showdown

The mobile apps showdown is a scholarship competition seeking the most innovative apps created by Young Innovators under the age of 20. Winners included Bluejay, an app to help emergency responders collect GPS location and other data from areas impacted by natural disaster, Lumos, an app that auto-screens for glaucoma, OneRing, a wearable device that analyses movement patterns to help diagnose Parkinsons disease, and Finding Clover, a geo-location game for children.

Keep up-to-date with CES

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