By Chris O'Connor on February 10, 2017

What blockchain means for you, and the Internet of Things

Why is everyone so interested in blockchain, and what does that interest mean for the Internet of Things? Blockchain is beginning to play a major part in the Internet of Things by enhancing security, enabling inclusion of low-value devices to be increasingly viable and making managing a device easier for decades to come. Blockchain builds […]

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By Karen Lewis on February 9, 2017

Are you IoT secure?

Enhanced security features in Watson IoT Platform In a study of more than 528 IoT developers (conducted by the Eclipse IoT Working Group in partnership with the IEEE IoT and the AGILE-IoT research project), nearly half the respondents cited security as a primary concern, followed by interoperability and performance. [1] Operational security is top of […]

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By Donal Power on February 7, 2017

Will utilities drive IoT security market growth?

A new study has found that utilities will be among the sectors rushing to keep their fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT) systems safe, driving projected growth in the IoT security market of 55% between 2016 and 2020. The report by entitled “Global Internet of Things Security Market 2016-2020” found that IoT security will be driven […]

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By Karen Lewis on February 1, 2017

IoT security round-up: January 2017

The latest information about IoT security IoT has the potential to create real business value and transform industries. While the insights gained from IoT data drive revenue streams and forge lasting customer relationships, businesses need to protect and secure their entire IoT environment. SECURITY Announcement: Watson IoT Platform adds advanced security capability & price plan New […]

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By Cathrine Heuch on January 9, 2017

Cameras and IoT: Going from smart to intelligent

Eyes are considered to be the most powerful human sense. The equivalent technological tool is an intelligent video camera that can observe, analyze and act on provided information. This technology is know as Intelligent Video Analytics or Video Content Analysis. Vendors such as Cisco and IBM are key companies in the market. While Internet of […]

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By Chris O'Connor on January 3, 2017

Top five Internet of Things trends for 2017

The past year has been a transformative and exciting year for the Internet of Things. We have seen almost every industry invest in the IoT and leading industries quickly move to implementing IoT solutions that are driving the bottom line. The IoT trends driving enterprise digital transformation Enterprises are driving the Internet of Things transformation. […]

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By Karen Lewis on November 18, 2016

IoT Security vs. IT Security: What’s the difference?

Concerns about IoT security are prevalent, some are unfounded, while others are completely justified. Just do a quick search and you’ll find articles posted hours, days, even minutes ago. This topic weighs heavily on the minds of consumers and enterprises alike. Can someone tap into my home security system? Are my car brakes going to […]

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By Chris O'Connor on November 8, 2016

Security in the era of cognitive IoT

The connectivity of things such as thermostats, medical devices, automobiles and industrial equipment presents an exciting environment for innovation and new business opportunities. As we rely on connected devices to make our lives better and easier, security must be considered from every aspect. There have been examples of security incidents associated with the Internet of […]

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By Bret Greenstein on October 24, 2016

IoT devices used in DDoS attacks

On Friday 21 October, unknown hackers used Internet of Things (IoT) devices to launch three Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS attacks on Dyn. Dyn is a company that provides internet services, among them a Domain Name Service (DNS). A DNS services is like a telephone directory for the internet, it translates the web address […]

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By Barclay Brown on October 20, 2016

IoT security: smarter systems engineering must compensate for our weaknesses

It’s fascinating to read the accounts of IoT related hacks, especially those that make headlines in both the popular press and the tech blogs. I’m concerned that casual readers will conclude that opening the door to IoT connected devices means hackers will have access to their cars, their security systems and even literally their front […]

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By Kamron Nafarieh on August 10, 2016

Knightscope: robotic police

Robotics is a diverse and far reaching industry. In  the digital age, we are just beginning to understand where robotics can have an impact. Enter Knightscope, a crime fighting robot. Crime rates in the United States have fluctuated greatly over the years. After the second World War, crime rates increased in the U.S. and continued […]

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By Rodrigo Ibraim Teixeira on April 21, 2015

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