Is the connected car the next big ecommerce platform?

Written by Jacqi Levy | January 17, 2017 | Automotive, Retail

Unless you live in a dense urban area, then you probably spend a lot of time in your car. In fact, the average American spends about 46 minutes of every day in his or her vehicle. According to Mark Lloyd, Consumer Online Officer for General Motors OnStar, work and home are typically the number one more

Retail innovation: it’s all about IoT at NRF Retail’s Big Show

Written by Angela Huang and Jacqi Levy | January 11, 2017 | Retail

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most powerful tools for retail innovation, transforming the customer experience, improving operational performance and reshaping the way retailers defend against competitors. And what better place to learn about IoT than at NRF Retail’s Big Show, January 15-17, 2017. Learn from IoT retail experts and experience more

IBM Watson Trend: An app to outthink holiday shopping stress

Written by Jen Clark | December 19, 2016 | Retail

Not got the foggiest what to buy your fashionable loved ones for Christmas? Panic not, Watson Trend is here to help. If, like me, you’re a self-confessed nerd and about as ‘down with the kids’ as socks and sandals, this big-data-meets-shopping app can help you work out what’s hot and what’s not. The IBM Watson more

Fighting the good fight against ice cream freezer burn

Written by Jacqi Levy | November 28, 2016 | Retail

If you’re like me, then ice cream is one of your favorite treats. It’s cool and refreshing in the summer, and it’s the perfect complement to a warm pie or molten brownie in the winter. It comes in a mind boggling multitude of flavors. And, it satisfies my craving for sweets with oh-so-marginally less guilt more

Black Friday or black hole Friday? IoT and retail

Written by Scott Neuman | November 28, 2016 | Retail

We all know that Black Friday can make or break a year in retail. It is estimated that this year, a record of over $3B in on line sales were generated ($1B from mobile devices). And for those who follow this space, the battle continues over how best to engage potential shoppers both in store more

Win Black Friday with the Internet of Things

Written by Angela Huang | November 24, 2016 | Retail

With the overwhelming amount of advertisements everywhere, from social media, TV channels, to email and direct mail, it’s hard for us not to notice that the biggest shopping day – Black Friday – is happening. Black Friday not only drives one of the highest sales revenue per day, it also represents the first day of more

How IoT will improve your Black Friday

Written by Hannah Merry | November 23, 2016 | Retail

Picture the scene, 8:35am on Friday morning, it’s drizzling but you’re not cold for being shoved and pushed by the masses of people queuing. It’s Black Friday, the biggest retail event in the US calendar and a phenomenon which has taken the UK by storm. Last year saw UK shoppers spend a massive £3.5bn by more

IBM’s acquisition of XPS and what this means for the brick and mortar store

Written by Jacqi Levy and Jen Clark | November 16, 2016 | Retail

Meet Watson, your personal shopper. IBM has acquired the Expert Personal Shopper (XPS) division of Fluid, a leading innovator in digital customer experiences. The XPS solution is a dialogue-based product recommendation platform designed to personalize the customer experience (with a little help from IBM Watson, of course.) XPS provides tailored, interactive recommendations through ecommerce platforms. What shoppers more

The cognitive chocolatier

Written by Scott Stockwell | November 2, 2016 | Blog, Events, Retail

The Cognitive Concourse at this year’s World of Watson in Las Vegas, brought together companies from around the world, already taking advantage of Watson’s cognitive capabilities. With somewhat of a sweet tooth, it didn’t take long for me to spot ‘the cognitive chocolatier’ stand and head on over. I met with Dan McKenney from Nunu more

Do you ‘really’ know your customers?

Written by Scott Stockwell | October 27, 2016 | Blog, Marketing, Retail

Spencer Morris, senior data scientist at InMoment. InMoment have an ‘experience hub’ that champions the voice of the customer. The company handles 2750,000 customer experiences every day. Forrester have reported that ‘improving the customer experience is the surest way to win, serve and retain customers’. Spencer Morris, SVP Data Insight at InMoment explains the power more

OutThink limits, unleash your professional potential

Written by Scott Stockwell | October 25, 2016 | Blog, Business, Case Study...

What does cognitive mean to today’s professional? Harriet Green, General Manager IBM Watson Internet of Things, Cognitive Engagement and Education underlined the benefits that cognitive computing brings professionals. By providing the right information at right time to make productive decisions. We’re all overwhlmed with so much information and it’s hard to seapatea signal from noise, more

What is industry 4.0?

Written by Jen Clark | October 12, 2016 | Automotive, Blog, Factories...

Industry 4.0: IoT does smart manufacturing Industry 4.0 manufacturing is all about the increasing connectivity of smaller and smaller components. It uses the data collected by physical things, either built products out in the real world, or components within a machine on the production line, to impact how these things themselves are manufactured. The more more