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By Sanjay Brahmawar on October 25, 2017

IBM & Samsung team up to empower field technicians to work from anywhere

When a product or piece of equipment needs maintenance, we rely on field service technicians to fix the problem quickly and at minimal cost. To do this effectively, mobility has become a driving force for the future of field service management (FSM). As we discussed in a recent post on mobility and innovation for FSM, the market […]

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By Chris O'Connor on September 6, 2017

Army Re-Ups with IBM for logistics, savings and vehicle health

When the government saves money, we all win. Over the last four years, the U.S. Army has avoided about $15 million per year in operational costs by paying only for the cloud services it actually consumes. Working with IBM since September of 2012, this partnership has enabled the Army to create significant operational efficiencies across its […]

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By Scott Stockwell on August 4, 2017

Watson IoT blog wins big in AMCP dotCOMM Awards

We’ve had some exciting news this week at the Watson IoT blog. We’ve been awarded Platinum and Gold awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) in their dotCOMM awards. We’d like to send a huge thank you to all of our contributors, and to the team that supports them. But above all, we’d like […]

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By Chris O'Connor on July 11, 2017

IDC MarketScape names IBM Watson IoT a Leader in IoT Platforms

An IoT platform must connect devices, must collect data, must handle thousands of vendors, dozens of standards and must be able to scale to millions of devices sending billions of messages. To deliver true value beyond the basics, it must add cognitive, security, privacy, insight generation and close loop automation. With these capabilities and the […]

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By Karen Lewis on June 23, 2017

Truck-tracking solution protects cargo with IoT and blockchain

One of the biggest challenges in the logistics and transportation industry is the protection of its assets and cargoes. In reality, moving freight with multiple transport companies, ensuring transparency and timely delivery creates the perfect conditions for a blockchain solution to thrive because correctly monitoring and tracking all transactions involves so many different charges and […]

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By Scott Stockwell on April 19, 2017

Check in to new cognitive hotel rooms and check out connected experiences

Remember the last time you stayed in a hotel? Did you remember what time the restaurant opened for breakfast? Were you able to work the thermostat for the air conditioning? And after that long-haul flight when you woke up at silly o’clock, did you struggle to find the switch for the bedside lamp and turn […]

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By Jen Clark on April 7, 2017

Highlights of the 15th Annual IBM China Forum

The 15th Annual IBM China Forum will take place in Beijing on Tuesday, bringing together more than 5,000 clients, partners, IBM experts and key influencers to explore the way IBM’s work is transforming and reimagining industries. Keynote: Transformation in the age of the IoT Flying the flag for the IoT will be Sanjay Brahmawar, IBM […]

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By Karen Lewis on March 14, 2017

IoT Sense: Created for IoT developers and makers

Now you can get more from IBM Watson IoT Platform with IoT Sense. Created for developers and engineers like you, IoT Sense helps you: Innovate with new capabilities Test new recipes Read interviews with start-ups, engineers, developers and makers Stay up to date on current technical innovations including the latest from the Watson IoT Platform […]

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By Scott Stockwell on December 15, 2016

Europe’s largest city welcomes IBM IoT lab

On 5 December, Europe’s largest city, Istanbul, saw IBM open the doors to an IoT lab in the company’s Client Centre. IBM worked with IoTxTR to create a new hub for start-ups, business partners and IBM employees to come together and build the solutions that will take advantage of the burgeoning Internet of Things. New lab, […]

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By Scott Stockwell on November 21, 2016

The four key ingredients to realize IoT opportunities

What is it that you need to capture the substantial business opportunities that digitizing the physical world through IoT opens up? Of course you need the skills – but have you got the right skills in the right place – and can you scale them? You need industry knowledge. You might have that already, but […]

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By Dibbe Edwards on November 15, 2016

IBM adds PLM platform Aras Innovator to complement Continuous Engineering solution

IBM will offer the Aras Innovator product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to complement the IBM Internet of Things Continuous Engineering solution to deliver end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) product development. IBM, the market leader in systems and software development, announces Aras Innovator PLM platform available from IBM.  Aras Innovator represents a breakthrough in flexibility, scalability, […]

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By Bret Greenstein on October 5, 2016

How Watson IoT may transform your next hospital stay

My last visit to a hospital was to see a friend who was recovering from surgery. At the time, I was filled with relief that she was doing well, and it didn’t even occur to me that my work at IBM could one day make a hospital stay more comfortable for patients and their loved […]

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