By Matthew Mikell on November 15, 2017

IoT for Insurance: Tech savvy homeowners disconnected from insurers

What do home buyers understand that their insurance companies don’t? Most Americans have begun investing in forms of ‘smart’ technology for their homes. A recent poll from HIS Markit found that last year 80 million smart home devices were delivered worldwide with an additional 130 million smart home devices expected to be shipped this year. […]

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By Tamara Kulesa on December 15, 2016

8 sensors to help you create a smart home

Don’t let your wallet leak money when your home leaks water. Did you know that property damage, including theft accounts for 97.3% of home insurance claims? Property damage can disrupt your life through the forces of fire and lightning, wind and hail, or extreme weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes, or it can be water […]

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By Sophie Cullinane on December 1, 2016

The IoT and smart home security systems that revolutionised 2016

IoT has had a significant impact on home security in 2016 more than ever. According to Google Trends, at it’s peak, over 75% more people searched for ‘smart home’ in 2016 than comparatively in 2015 worldwide. IoT for home innovation and security allows people to control their locks, lights, radios, heating and camera security all […]

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By Kevin Larsen on November 30, 2016

Innovation begins at home: A connected home is a safer home

How to monitor your home environment from anywhere using Texas Instruments LaunchPad and Watson IoT Platform While it’s true that “home is where the heart is,” it’s also where the risk is for many people. There are numerous sources in the home which can negatively impact a homeowner’s safety or financial well-being. For example, a […]

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By Jen Clark on November 7, 2016

What is home automation?

I’m sure Hive (British Gas’ connected heating initiative) won’t mind me pinching their oh-so-catchy jingle for this one: “When you slowly start to freeze, turn up your heating a few degrees, ‘cause with Hive you control your home from your phone.” If you watch the whole advert, you’ll see all kinds of possibilities for a […]

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By Dave Locke and Karen Lewis on October 17, 2016

The anatomy of an IoT solution: Oil, data and the humble washing machine

A lot of people think about data as the new gold, but a better analogy is data is the new oil. When oil comes out of the ground it is raw, it has intrinsic value but until that oil is refined into petrol and diesel, its true value is not gained. Data from sensors is […]

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By Jen Clark on September 29, 2016

Keeping it clean: IoT enabled chore cheats

Personally, I’m a little over-the-top about cleaning. Over-flowing laundry baskets and grimy counters bug the hell out of me and spending time cleaning is a chore. But whether you’re a clean freak or would prefer to avoid the loathsome task altogether, here are a few IoT-enabled cheats to make life a little easier. The smart […]

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By Harriet Green on September 7, 2016

The Internet of Things: changing the way we live

By Harriet Green, Global Head of Watson Internet of Things We live in an age of immense technological and social change, much of which has been brought about by the emergence of such advanced technologies as cognitive computing, the Internet of Things and robotics. In fact, the current pace of change and the potential for […]

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By Jen Clark on August 31, 2016

IBM and Whirlpool: an innovative partnership

IBM & Whirlpool – designed for innovation In January this year, Whirlpool Corporation announced a collaboration connecting Whirlpool home appliances with IBM Watson Services. We are excited to share a link to the final TV spot on YouTube, which will air during the US Open on Monday, 8/29, on ESPN and ESPN2 and as part […]

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By Liza Cooper on August 10, 2016

Dogstar: the world’s first dog emotion sensor

I am willing to bet that you, or someone you know, uses a wearable device. I am also willing to claim that your dog does not have his or her own wearable. Yet. Meet Dogstar. Dogstar was born at Cornell University, during their Startup Studio, a program that encourages students to flex their entrepreneurial muscles. […]

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By Liza Cooper on June 30, 2016

Introduction to robotics

Today, robots live among us. Recent technological advancements have brought robotics out of the science fiction novel and into our living rooms. While this might seem frightening to some, robots are here to help. Inventors and businessmen have been creating innovative solutions to problems for generations. From the lightbulb to email, we have been solving […]

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By Lynne Slowey on May 12, 2016

IoT for the OAP: new technology for an ageing population

I’m only at week five of my career with the IBM Watson IoT team. I am in a perpetual state of fascination, fear, confusion. I’m overwhelmed by what I don’t know, and very excited for everything I am about to learn. Day 19 saw me on a tour of the IBM IoT lab. It’s where […]

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