Health and medicine

By Justin Gesso on May 23, 2017

Healthcare business trends

We are seeing some very exciting business trends in IoT for healthcare. Let’s dive into the financial projections, the 3 main drivers for IoT adoption in health care, and some exciting ideas that are right around the corner. Everyone is hungry for improvements in the efficiency, cost, and results from healthcare. Is IoT here to save […]

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By Karen Lewis on March 20, 2017

Fitly’s SmartPlate takes cognitive to heart with Watson IoT

Fitly is a two-time Digital Health award winner with a proven track record for vetted technological innovation. Backed by medical, research, and financial institutions in the U.S. such as Penn Medicine, University City Science Center, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Fitly is creating a new category in healthcare aptly called “Culinary Medicine.” Fitly was first […]

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By Kevin Patel on January 9, 2017

6 Benefits of IoT for Hospitals and Healthcare

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things is transforming the healthcare industry completely by redefining how apps, devices and people interact and connect with each other in delivering healthcare solutions. That is, IoT is constantly offering new tools as well as efficiencies that make up an integrated healthcare system with the view of […]

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By Ryan Boyles on January 7, 2017

How students and families can help build accessible technology

IBM had the privilege to be involved in two panels at CES on Friday, 6 January 2017, to explore topics critical to the present state of STEM education and future innovations in accessible technology. These incredibly fascinating panel sessions looked at challenges through the historical lens of the new ‘Hidden Figures’ film and by examining […]

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By Victoria McClellan on January 7, 2017

IBM and Medtronic at CES 2017: predictive care for diabetes

In the winter of 2015, my dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Watching him have to adjust to the pricking, the blood, the medication, etc. was a difficult task and my family sought after more simple measures for management. In the connected world, the Internet of Things is able to simplify healthcare. IBM and […]

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By Andrew LaHart on January 6, 2017

Transforming transportation for the world’s aging population and people with disabilities

The earned privilege of driving tethers us only as far as the road, fuel, and our physical and cognitive abilities can take us. And, we all know what waits for us on the horizon as we age – losing the freedom to safely operate a vehicle. By teaming with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Foundation […]

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By Hannah Merry on January 4, 2017

Breaking fitness barriers with the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help you eliminate barriers which can often reduce your chances of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. A recent BBC news report states “80% of 40-60 year olds in England are overweight, drink too much or get too little exercise”. In America, around 160 million people are overweight and it […]

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By Jen Clark on January 3, 2017

Is Watson the best medicine? The impact of big data analysis on healthcare

The healthcare industry is facing a problem. There is too much data to keep up with, and most of it – as much as 80% – is going unused. Information from patient records, research, clinical trials and medical journals is largely unstructured, and there are reams and reams of it – far too much to […]

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By Joanna Rotter on December 8, 2016

8 ways medical device manufacturers can set their services apart with IoT

With new levels of monitoring power and performance data, manufacturers can provide better service and preventive maintenance packages than ever. Learn how the internet of things (IoT) is transforming the way medical equipment manufacturers do business. The healthcare landscape is changing fast and many medical device organizations are seeking ways to make improvements amidst the […]

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By Scott Stockwell on November 2, 2016

The cognitive guide

This year’s World of Watson in Las Vegas brought together companies from around the world already taking advantage of cognitive computing in the  Cognitive Concourse. Among them, Carnegie Mellon University showcased their app to support the visually impaired. I met with Dragan Ahmetoric, a postdoctoral fellow of the Robotics Institute, to hear about an exciting […]

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By Jen Clark on October 26, 2016

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital launches cognitive rooms

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Inc., three facilities with more than 900 acute care beds and part of Jefferson Health in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is working with IBM to launch cognitive hospital rooms powered by IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) designed to enhance the patient experience and help bring deeper levels of personalized, agile […]

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By Lynne Slowey on October 25, 2016

Harman and IBM Watson IoT team up to help improve patients’ lives

IBM and Harman: voice activation solutions intuitively engages customers Today at World of Watson, IBM and Harman have announced a partnership to bring intuitive voice-activated, intelligent assistance to hotels, offices and hospitals throughout the world. For 60 years, Harman has been a well-known provider of audio, video, lighting and control systems for prestigious venues worldwide. […]

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