Use Watson IoT Platform and Node-RED to bring a dinosaur to life

Get your dinosaur to roar

The IoT is the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, with data being fed to the cloud from different devices for different purposes. The challenge for many developers lies in getting data from their device to a place that they can analyze and respond to this data. Experts in hardware design and firmware development, can quickly become lost trying to put together the different pieces of their cloud service: infrastructure, security, cognitive analytics, etc.

IBM’s Watson IoT Platform addresses this need, seamlessly connecting hardware to IBM servers around the globe.  The Watson IoT platform gives developers access to a wide range of tools and capabilities, including intelligent analytics, enterprise-grade security, and device management.

In a step by step demo, Chris Anderson, Director of Engineering will show us how to he is using Watson IoT Platform with Node-RED and Rasberry Pis to send the sensor data back to Watson IoT, process the data, and then trigger a toy dinosaur to move or roar when certain criteria are met.

For a full recipe and step-by-step guide to hacking a dinosuar with IBM technology please visit our Developer Works website, or sign up for a free Bluemix trial.

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Get your dinosaur to roar

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