The beauty of smart technology

By | 1 minute read | January 6, 2017

The latest smart tech from the beauty industry

During our live coverage at CES 2017 we want to look our best, and thanks to some early insights this week we can certainly do that…

I wrote a post recently on the IBM Watson powered Panasonic Digital Mirror. It works with Watson technology to respond to your voice as you are looking in the mirror. So whether you are applying your make up, brushing your hair, or just having one last check on your look, you can catch up on news, traffic reports, check the weather, or see personalised reports.

There’s a wealth of more beauty related tech too, here are just a few highlights so far…

ModiFace Skin AI

ModiFace uses face and skin mapping technology to analyse every detail of your skin, it then uses augmented reality to show you how different skin care products would look on your own face.

L’Oreal smart hairbrush

Brushing up their smart offerings, L’Oreal are aiming to change the way we do our ‘do’ with The Hair Coach (retailing at under $200). Packed with sensors including an accelerometer and microphone, this smart hairbrush will record the sound of breaking hair, analyse your brushing technique, and record how you look after your hair.

The bluetooth and wifi enabled brush will then build up a pattern of your haircare routine, and recommend products via The Hair Coach app.

Samsung S-skin

The Samsung innovation lab creation S-Skin is designed to reduce the cost of professional dermo care. Using a microneedle to analyse the skin, and deliver skin care products. It also measures redness and hydration of the skin, and can provide mapping via an app to show you your skin changes over time.

Beauty and the tech beast

With the global beauty care industry predicted to reach over $260 billion in 2017 and IHS forecasting that the IoT market will grow from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020, it’s no surprise to see this latest range of products hitting the market, but only time will tell whether smart technology will give the beauty industry a rejuvenating face lift and lead the way for a more connected future.