Lin Ju

Senior Manager, Watson Studio

Lin Ju is the Senior Manager for Watson Studio Development in IBM’s Data & AI organization. Lin also leads DevOps for AI and Deep Learning empowered integration experience, which includes Machine learning, Model lifecycle management, Deep learning experiment, and Analytics Dashboards. She collaborates closely with product managers, designers, content strategists, development architects, and support teams to deliver the best client-centric experience possible. Lin integrates IBM Design thinking into all aspects of her leadership and teams, and delivers new features into production weekly, using an Agile iterative approach. Lin holds a Ph.D. (Civil Engineer) degree from Concordia University. This diverse background has provided her a well-rounded perspective and experience which drives a creative, innovative way of thinking about products and value. Prior to joining IBM, Lin was the Chief Engineer in National Software Testing Center from 2003 to 2007, a non-profit organization specializing in application software testing and consulting. In this role, she provided technical and management leadership to the testing team of 70 engineers. Lin has supervised and managed several major outsourcing software testing projects such as Compuware, SGM, and Atos Origin. Lin also has designed and developed the Automated Collaboration Test Platform. She joined IBM in 2008. In her tenure at IBM, Lin has managed a number of Product Development and Systems testing projects in the Rational and Managed Business Process organizations. An example of a few of the projects are: HR BI Solution, CC, CQ, Rational Insight and Jazz. Under her leadership, Lin’s globally distributed Development and FVT/SVT/Engineer Service teams have innovated and delivered great results year over year. Lin also managed and led the OSLC (open Services for Lifecycle collaboration) community development, website development, specification, and open source teams. She worked with the Rational Executive team to establish business strategies and priorities when building a health ecosystem. This health ecosystem was across internal and external communities and created the industry leading Open Integration Initiative for Tools. Lin has been recognized for her expertise by being named the IBM China Development Lab Test TopGun, and lead Rational Tools Adoption including RTC, RQM, RPT, RFT and AppScan across CDL through training, best practice sharing and workgroups. Lin has leveraged her customer facing experience to develop and promote Rational Test solutions for Chinese customers including ICBC, PBC, BOC and China Mobile. Lin is active paper reviewer, conference facilitator, and core team member for QSE Global Leader Meeting and QSE AP Symposium. In addition to the above, Lin has 5 patent filings, published 7 disclosures, and 9 peer reviewed Journal and conference papers. Lin is actively involved in Women-In-Technology (WIT) related activities and leads the CDL WIT 100 program. This program provides mentoring for 100 female students from top universities in China. Lin is also the 2008 winner of the “Outstanding University Ambassador” award for her efforts in leading women’s diversity activities in universities. In 2012, Lin was accepted into the “Tomorrow’s Leader’s” program, where she benefited from overseas shadowing experience with the Rational Development VP and Rational Support VP.