Kal Gyimesi

By Kal Gyimesi on November 29, 2017

Developing IoT-enabled vehicles: a tsunami of change (part 1)

A far-reaching transition is underway in the world of complex product engineering. Entirely new development systems, agile methods and the introduction of cognitive, AI-driven analytics are dramatically improving how IoT-enabled vehicles are brought to market and updated through their lifecycle. Consumers want the connected products they interact with to not only work flawlessly, but to […]

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By Kal Gyimesi on August 1, 2017

Cars that care, chapter 3: The remedy – understanding drivers

While we anticipate autonomous cars taking over on-road decision making, some technical and legal challenges may be more difficult to solve than expected. Self-driving cars will be available in about a decade, but people will continue driving for many years to come. Drivers remain a critical component of road safety. Increasingly, the overall experience in vehicles […]

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By Kal Gyimesi on July 25, 2017

Cars that care, chapter 2: The diagnosis – emotions lead to danger

As people jump in their cars every day they drive off giving little consideration to the risks they may be undertaking. Driver’s emotions can get the best of them, taking their attention away from the road and the task of driving. When you’re driving while in an emotional state, there’s a tenfold increase in the risk of […]

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By Kal Gyimesi on July 19, 2017

Cars that care, chapter 1: The problem – drivers cause the most accidents

The joy of driving. Many automakers have built their brand around this vision. Generation after generation comes of age and stakes their claim to the freedom to go where they want in vehicles. The volume of news stories about automated and autonomous vehicle testing is increasing daily, some would have you believe the that the […]

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By Kal Gyimesi on June 23, 2017

Watson: The road to personalization from Cannes Lions

The annual Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity brings together worldwide leaders in the creative communications world.  It’s the foremost event for ad agencies and for globally recognized consumer brands to hear about new ideas on the cutting edge of technology, imagination and virtualization, like Watson. Rather than the typical summary presentations of strategic direction and […]

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By Kal Gyimesi on June 7, 2017

Are there acceptable levels of cyber-security protection in connected cars?

Cyber-security protection is becoming an evermore urgent priority for integrating electronics technology into our lives, but the level of protection attained is a moving target.  As one vulnerability is found and closed, others are detected.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has established a framework that recommends an acceptable level of protection that […]

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By Kal Gyimesi on February 13, 2017

Redefining the automotive infotainment experience

Infotainment – the first clue about how hot a concept will become is when a pithy portmanteau has been added to our language.  As the promise and capabilities of automotive infotainment has been building for some years, we can finally feel like we have liftoff.  This year, CES has been overrun by the latest technologies […]

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