Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich: A hive for innovation

Written by John Cohn | February 17, 2017 | Blog

I’m so psyched: today we are officially opening IBM’s worldwide Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich. The place has been buzzing for weeks now as we prepare for this; it really reminds me of a beehive. It’s full of energy and innovation, swarming with IBMers, clients and partners from all over the world. We have software ...read more

Internet of Thinks: Munich IoT HQ

Written by John Cohn | May 17, 2016 | Blog

Today I’m attempting the first of a regular monthly column to the new IBM Internet of Things blog. I’m planning to use it to share my thoughts on what’s new, what’s happening and what I’ve been up to recently… And what a week it’s been, well eleven days actually! I’ve just returned from Munich, my ...read more