Daniel Michael Bigos

By Dan Bigos on May 23, 2017

Predictive and cognitive combine to reduce maintenance time

Predictive maintenance analytic models and algorithms, enabled though instrumentation and connectivity of critical equipment, are allowing asset intensive organizations to identify impending equipment degradation or failure well in advance of the actual event and thereby proactively remedy the problem, often without impact to production schedules. Some of the more sophisticated multivariate analysis capabilities help pinpoint […]

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By Dan Bigos on April 25, 2017

The increasingly pervasive role of digital in manufacturing

Hannover Messe has everything – supplies, parts, tools, machinery, software, communications, financing, services, and all the professional experience and expertise one would need to create the ideal manufacturing environment to rapidly transform concept into product. The event is simultaneously overwhelming and inspiring. While the main focus of the event is “things” (as it has always […]

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By Dan Bigos on April 20, 2017

Predictive maintenance is just one of IBM’s IoT for Manufacturing strengths

Many companies make a claim to the predictive maintenance market. Many more than you might imagine. In fact, IoT Analytics in its Predictive Maintenance Market Report 2017-22 has identified at least 110 technology firms that have worked on predictive maintenance implementations. These firms address various parts of the overall predictive maintenance solution – condition monitoring […]

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By Dan Bigos on March 8, 2017

From reactive to proactive quality management with IoT

In 9 ways the IoT is Redefining Manufacturing, Brian Buntz succinctly enumerates examples of companies who are implementing or benefiting from IoT capabilities. Each example shows how IoT is reshaping or redefining industry practices. One example of particular interest is Proactive Quality Assurance, enabled by placement of sensing and measuring devices in critical areas throughout […]

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By Dan Bigos on January 24, 2017

The Industrial Internet of Things is full of transformational potential

Plant Engineering a “goto” source for practitioners to maintain currency on trends, best practices, new technologies, and operations perspectives grounded in reality devotes a healthy portion of content to the topic of Industrial Internet of Things – IIOT. And in the manufacturing world, IIoT portends tremendous transformation. The value of the IIoT The McKinsey report […]

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By Dan Bigos on January 11, 2017

Employ analytics to identify substandard supplier materials

What if your suppliers delivered materials, parts, components, and assemblies that consistently met your quality requirements? For many manufacturers this is the ideal scenario for which they strive, though rarely achieve. Cost of quality varies per industry and manufacturer, and ASQ statistics indicate there is ample evidence for further improvement. Dan Jacob’s of LNS Research […]

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By Dan Bigos on December 16, 2016

2016 International Maintenance Conference: assessing new technology

Here’s to millions of reliability experts worldwide, applying years of practical experience, ever-improving technologies, and timely turn of the wrench to keep vital equipment and infrastructure operational. Without their sustained efforts interruption, not continuity, would be the norm for myriad quotidian activities. A elite subset of this global clan are gathering once again at the […]

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By Dan Bigos on December 13, 2016

IoT to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

There is much speculation regarding potential impact of President-Elect Donald Trump’s trade policies on manufacturing. While changes are certain but unknown, a wait and see attitude may be the most judicious for the moment. There are, however, initiatives that can have predictable long-term benefits to manufacturing organizations regardless of political climates, specifically through the application […]

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By Dan Bigos on December 3, 2016

Bring the benefit of IoT to older manufacturing equipment

A recent Wall Street Journal article, ‘How U.S. Manufacturing Is About to Get Smarter,’ contrasts the promise of the IoT with the reality faced by many manufacturing organizations. The ability to realize IoT benefits varies by industry and age of equipment. With recently acquired, already-instrumented equipment and hi-tech manufacturing, you’re likely already realizing the benefits. For […]

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By Dan Bigos on November 22, 2016

What toner cartridges can teach us about the IoT

What can toner cartridges, millions of multi-function printing devices, ubiquitous connectivity, and analytics teach about the potential of IoT?  Sometimes you need to look outside your industry to discover how pioneering organizations exploit existing and developing technologies to discover new ways to improve service, reduce cost, and redefine business models. We are reminded of this […]

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By Dan Bigos on November 22, 2016

Quality control: a transformational opportunity with IoT

The application of statistical process control (SPC) methods over recent decades has greatly improved quality processes globally. However, headline news in 2016 clearly indicates that quality remains a costly problem – Samsung Galaxy Note7,  Takata Airbags, and dozens of recalls listed by the Consumer Safety Products Commission. Grace Duffy’s  The ASQ Quality Improvement Pocket Guide: […]

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By Dan Bigos on August 10, 2016

Analytics and cognitive are improving asset reliability

In the previous blog we focused on capabilities and benefits available to manufacturing organizations via the combination of the IoT and analytic technologies – each fundamental components of cognitive manufacturing. Intelligent, instrumented, connected equipment now enables lines of business closely associated with manufacturing processes to gain a far more detailed and accurate understanding of equipment […]

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