By Chris O'Connor on July 19, 2017

Driving industry advancements with Watson IoT and Blockchain

This is the year that we are seeing business networks based on blockchain put into production around the world. Early adopters are using this technology to reimagine their industries, developing new ways of interaction that reduce friction and foster innovation. There are a multitude of companies working with IBM to implement blockchain solutions for various different use cases. […]

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By Chris O'Connor on July 11, 2017

IDC MarketScape names IBM Watson IoT a Leader in IoT Platforms

An IoT platform must connect devices, must collect data, must handle thousands of vendors, dozens of standards and must be able to scale to millions of devices sending billions of messages. To deliver true value beyond the basics, it must add cognitive, security, privacy, insight generation and close loop automation. With these capabilities and the […]

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By Chris O'Connor on June 28, 2017

IBM and Cisco: Understanding critical data on the network edge

Last year, IBM and Cisco announced a global collaboration to provide instant Internet of Things insight at the edge of the network. Together, we are enabling businesses and organizations in remote and autonomous locations to tap into the combined power of IBM’s Watson IoT Cloud and business analytics technologies and Cisco’s edge and fog capabilities to more deeply understand […]

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By Chris O'Connor on June 16, 2017

IoT Slam Live is almost here!

IoT Slam Live is happening next week on June 21 – June 22 and I am very much looking forward to keynoting this high caliber event. There is a fantastic set of presenters that are sure to deliver meaningful takeaways and actionable insights which can be implemented right away. As the Internet of Things transforms […]

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By Chris O'Connor on June 14, 2017

Rethinking manufacturing in the digital age

The digital age has brought with it a new way of thinking about manufacturing and operations. Labor rate changes in emerging economies, coupled with challenges associated with logistics and energy costs, are influencing global production and associated distribution decisions. Significant advances in technology, including big data and analytics, the Internet of Things, robotics and additive […]

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By Chris O'Connor on June 1, 2017

The cognitive drone and the promise of IoT

In ten short years, the Internet of Things has made the leap from conceptual to actual. Early predictions for IoT that once seemed out of this world are starting to feel more like an understatement. As the IoT becomes ubiquitous, we see a steady push to adapt IoT technologies to industry-specific applications to save money […]

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By Chris O'Connor on April 29, 2017

Enabling Seamless Transactions with the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things continues to grow and drive a more connected world, it is changing the way we live, shop and pay by moving data and the point-of-sale to wherever the consumer wants it to be. Payment tokens are being put in devices like cars, elevators and wearables to create seamless transactions that […]

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By Chris O'Connor on April 5, 2017

Developers come together to make IoT ideas a reality

Picture a resident living in a modern apartment complex. This complex rises to 100 floors and you are given key card access to all the facilities including parking and unlocking your front door. The moment you enter the complex, after swiping your card at the gate, the connected building knows that you are headed to […]

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By Chris O'Connor on March 18, 2017

The seven deadly sins of IoT strategy and design

A thoughtful approach to IoT strategy and design can lead to unique new product and services opportunities, but designing also becomes increasingly complex when designing for the Internet of Things. Many industries are now struggling with a major challenge that electronics manufacturers have been wrestling with over the past decade or more — how to […]

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By Chris O'Connor on March 8, 2017

The Internet of Things at IBM InterConnect 2017

The past year has been one of great advancement for the Internet of Things. Industries are realizing how transformative the Internet of Things can be, and the rapid growth of its enabling technologies has been impressive. We have been extremely busy at IBM keeping stride with the following recent developments and working to catapult our […]

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By Chris O'Connor on February 15, 2017

IBM and Vodafone join forces to improve Mobile Asset Optimization

The Internet of Things is having a major effect on delivery logistics through tracking and predicting asset movement throughout the supply chain, reducing loss, theft and replacement costs. Today’s asset-intensive organizations must constantly track, assess and manage the reliability of a wide range of physical, technological and human assets. These organizations must manage both inventory […]

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By Chris O'Connor on February 12, 2017

3 trends driving IoT innovation

The Internet of Things is transforming how we work and live in more ways than many of us could have imagined. Connecting things with unique IP addresses has been possible for over a decade, but the commoditization of sensors and processors and emerging technologies that further enable IoT possibilities are making it viable to move […]

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