Cara Chin

Kouvola Innovation: transforming the logistics industry with blockchain

Written by Cara Chin | December 20, 2016 | Interview

I first met Mika Lammi, Head of IoT Business Development for Kouvola Innovation, about six months ago. He had received a grant to outfit shipping containers with devices which would share data through a private blockchain. The city of Kouvola is a transportation hub of Finland and is the home to over 200 logistics companies. This more

IoT security: don’t just set it and forget it

Written by Cara Chin | December 13, 2016 | Infographic

IoT security has been thrust into the spotlight as companies are realizing that a plan for protecting their IoT devices and data is no longer optional.  It’s not a will “we have an IoT security strategy?” conversation that’s happening…it’s “what is our proactive approach?”  How do we outmaneuver potential attackers…as once data is in their more

The scoop on IoT and Blockchain

Written by Cara Chin | December 5, 2016 | Blog

You want to talk about ice cream? I’m listening! Earlier this year, I asked a colleague to explain IoT and Blockchain and he started talking about how it could help ensure that the ice cream in my local supermarket was of the highest quality by optimising the supply chain. My interest was piqued. Blockchain in more