IoT security: smarter systems engineering must compensate for our weaknesses

Written by Barclay Brown | October 20, 2016 | Security

It’s fascinating to read the accounts of IoT related hacks, especially those that make headlines in both the popular press and the tech blogs. I’m concerned that casual readers will conclude that opening the door to IoT connected devices means hackers will have access to their cars, their security systems and even literally their front more

Systems engineering and IoT

Written by Barclay Brown | June 17, 2016 | Buildings, Commentary / Opinion, Continuous Engineering...

Always fast, always first may not be always sensible for engineering Internet of Things (IoT). While exciting new IoT platform tools may allow the quick integration of new devices into a company’s business process, quick and informal may not be the wisest approach for many IoT applications given its complexities and associated risks. IoT devices more