AT&T and IBM: Analytics with Watson

By | 1 minute read | March 21, 2017

leadspace image for IBM InterConnect 2017

Today at IBM InterConnect we learned that IBM are partnering with AT&T to support their enterprise customers IoT with data insights.

This data is huge for business customers, but is only valuable with real-time meaningful insights.

AT&T will be using a variety of IBM products including:

  • Watson IoT Platform: to build the next generation of connected industrial IoT devices and products that continuously learn from the physical world.
  • IBM Watson Data Platform: which is the fastest data ingestion engine combined with cognitive powered decision making.This helps uncover business insights and value from data. That data could be from the weather, the road, social media, or a customers sales data.
  • IBM Machine Learning Service: used by AT&T to give their customers access to machine learning.

Benefiting AT&T customers

Companies can use IoT data to predict their machine maintenance, but how does this impact AT&T customers?

For example, an oil and gas company wants to detect unusual events in its wells. By using AT&T’s IoT network and the IBM Watson Data Platform, AT&T’s IoT analytics solutions will ingest data from hundreds of wells, creating the models necessary with appropriate machine learning libraries and open-source technology to help predict potential failures or machine malfunctions. The company will be able to detect anomalies in less time and with greater accuracy.

“We have more than 30 million connections on our network today and that number continues to grow – primarily driven by enterprise adoption,” said Chris Penrose, President, IoT Solutions, AT&T. “Integrating the IBM Watson Data Platform into our IoT capabilities will be huge for our enterprise customers.”

Bringing IoT innovations to market

The news today builds on existing collaborations between AT&T and IBM to deliver new IoT innovations to the market. The companies’ strategic alliance brings together leading wireless connectivity, advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities for AT&T’s enterprise customers to improve their business processes.

Stay tuned for further announcements live from IBM’s InterConnect.