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Mobile access to asset data from anywhere: four real-world use cases

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For asset-intensive organizations, mobility continues to drive significant productivity gains, improve worker effectiveness and safety, and eliminate errors by capturing data directly from the work source. IBM’s Maximo Anywhere provides a single-vendor mobile solution for both connected and offline scenarios, with role-based hybrid mobile apps that work across iOS, Android and Windows Tablet and help perform work, asset, inventory and industry-specific process using smartphones, tablets, and ruggedized mobile devices.

Maximo Anywhere offers field technicians capabilities that span multiple applications – allowing organizations to accommodate a wide array of work processes across their business units. For example, regulated work processes which require electronic signature (e-sig) or virtual signature sign off can easily be accommodated – enabling organizations to incorporate checks at any point in their work processes – and provide end-to-end validation that work has been completed in a satisfactory manner.

Here’s how Maximo Anywhere is taking off

Many organizations have selected Maximo Anywhere as their asset management mobility platform of choice. Here are four real use cases that demonstrate how organizations can realize significant benefits by using Maximo Anywhere to gain remote access from most mobile devices to Maximo Asset Management processes and data: 

  • Inspection
  • Incident Reporting (HSE)
  • Calibration
  • Linesman Training

Inspection: Easily track and report on regulatory compliance and incident response

Safety is paramount when it comes to amusement park rides. Inspecting, maintaining and reporting on the conditions and performance of theme park equipment is a life-critical EAM process. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is the largest international trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities worldwide. For IAAPA members, incident reporting is mandatory in the United States.

In order maintain the highest inspection standards, a major entertainment organization uses Maximo Anywhere to ensure the safety of their theme parks. The entertainment organization operates and maintains more than 800 rides – including 130 roller coasters across North America. To ensure regulatory compliance is met, the organization’s 1000 strong staff of inspectors use Maximo Anywhere to inspect and maintain rides and equipment at more than 10 sites. As a result, the organization has eliminated a massive amount of manual paper work. Without the paper trail, the organization is able to easily track and report inspection results for regulatory compliance and incident response.

Incident reporting: Reduce safety related risks and increase field workforce efficiency

In another example, a Canadian power generator is supporting Health and Safety requirements with Maximo Anywhere. In order to reduce safety related risks and incidents, in addition to increasing the efficiency of their field workforce, the power generation company is using Maximo Anywhere for HSE. The Maximo Anywhere solution allows field workers to quickly report Near-Miss Hazard and Safety Observations, while ensuring they can identify and eliminate root causes and prevent major incidents from happening. Currently, 40 field workers are using the solution to report incidents, however the organization plans to make the solution available to as many as 1500 users.

Calibration: Complete calibration work orders in the field and receive immediate tolerance validation

Calibration is another area where Maximo Anywhere is taking off. In one example, a life sciences organization has deployed Maximo Anywhere to streamline its calibration processes. In this example, the solution is being used by more than 60 field technicians across 8 different sites.

Calibration on Work Execution enables technicians to complete calibration work orders in the field, in disconnected and connected environments. No more 4,500 line spreadsheets maintained by a clerical resource – trawling a spreadsheet each day to update records and issuing e-mails. Using Maximo Anywhere for calibration frees technicians from having to manually write down calibration readings, then enter the data in Maximo from a desktop – saving time, preventing errors, and avoiding delays if the technician needs to recheck any calibration readings as a result of a clerical error.

Figure 1: The old way: Calibration clipboard

In a single step, a technician is able to calibrate the instruments, and enter the data from anywhere using a table or other device. With a simple UI, technicians can quickly capture the calibration data needed, and receive immediate tolerance validation – enabling the detection of any potential tolerance issues – on the spot.

You can learn more about how the calibration feature works by watching a short video; or, try the step-by-step demo. In the demo, our calibration technician is out in the field and realizes that an instrument needs to be calibrated. Using Maximo Anywhere, the technician can create a new calibration work order or follow-up calibration work order on their mobile device. Part of the calibration work order is the data sheet that has all of the requirements needed in order to calibrate the instrument. The demonstration also illustrates the ability to capture ‘repeatables’ and create calibration work orders in the field.

Linesman training: Bring a new generation of field staff on-board faster

In a final example, a mid-western electric distribution utility has replaced their existing EAM and mobile solution with a modern Maximo based system. A distinct advantage of using Maximo Anywhere is the ability to bring a new and younger workforce on board quickly. The organization’s 75 plus field workers are using Maximo Anywhere to maintain distribution lines – with the intention of extending its use to include 230 linesman. For an industry that takes years to bring new linesman up to speed, the Maximo Anywhere simple user interface (UI) is both appealing and intuitive for the new generation of recruits.

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