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By | 1 minute read | March 20, 2017

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Slava Rubin, Founder and Chief Business Officer, Indiegogo talks start-ups and the democratising power of the Internet at InterConnect 2017. Indiegogo is a launchpad for entrepreneurial ideas and platform where start-ups and new businesses can raise funds, start a campaign, organize marketing and promotion and use analytics to see how their campaigns are performing.

Slava explains that crowdfunding of this sort has seen an explosion of activity – from products, security and activity trackers. Now, he says, Indiegogo is moving beyond funding. The company operates more as a springboard for entrepreneurs – who come initially to Indiegogo for validation and engagement funding, before they can actually make something.

Slava Rubin, Founder and Chief Business Officer, Indiegogo

Slava Rubin, Founder and Chief Business Officer, Indiegogo

Indiegogo’s vital statistics

Since its inception in 2007, Indiegogo has seen:

  • Over $1.1 billon raised
  • More than 8 million backers
  • 5 million contributions
  • 233 countries
  • More than 720,000 campaigns launched

Thirty percent of the funds raised are for technology startups. Watch the video to see Indiegogo in action at CES 2017.

Indiegogo, IBM and Arrow

An exciting new partnership between IBM and Indiegogo means that members of Indiegogo can now use IBM products for free. It’s all about the power of collaboration – something that IBM believes in implicitly. Three products are an example of the success such a collaboration can bring:

  • SmartPlate: the world’s first intelligent nutrition platform that identifies the nutritional content and calorie count of a meal, using advanced image recognition and weight sensors. The tool is designed to help people become more aware of their eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • WaterBot: a connected product designed to monitor water contamination.
  • a robotic platform that enables anyone to engage interactively using robotics.

‘Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to change the world’, Slava finishes. ‘Together, Indiegogo, Arrow and IBM are looking to make entrepreneurs work smarter and faster.’

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