Airbus partners with IBM for improved data for vegetation management

High-resolution satellite imagery to provide actionable insights

By | 0 minute read | February 25, 2021

satellite imagery of the earth

In a recent press release Airbus announced it will now provide very high-resolution satellite imagery to The Weather Company, an IBM Business, demonstrating the advantage that many companies are finding in integrating weather data into their operations for actionable insights that improve business outcomes. Airbus is now providing very high-resolution satellite imagery, which will be used to help utility and energy companies better understand the state of vegetation near utility lines, reduce the risks of electrical disruptions and improve overall grid reliability. 

Last week’s outages in Texas and across the United States underscore the need for energy providers to plan ahead and help mitigate disruptions when certain events, such as severe weather, might impact utility services. This new high-resolution imagery is now included in the IBM Vegetation Management module within the IBM Weather Operations Center.

The Weather Company’s market heritage in providing vegetation insights for improved grid reliability using PAIRS Geoscope is driving these new groundbreaking tools, delivering real value for customers.