Watson and the impact of cognitive computing

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Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman and CEO began her keynote outlining what it takes to make a World with Watson. Ginni said there were three areas of impact that Watson would have:

  1. The AI platform for business
  2. The cognitive enterprise
  3. Transforming industries

Ginni rometty talks about the world with watsonGinni Rometty talks about a World with Watson

1. The AI platform for business

Watson is now helping 200m patients. Through a partnership with Quest Diagnostics Watson can provide genomic diagnosis for the majority of the US. Watson is interacting with 200m consumers – not just shopping but insurance, banking, travel. .5m students to choose the right course of education and teachers find the right learning plan. This will increase 5X by 2017.

Three big decisions IBM has made:

  1. The goal matters. IBM’s goal is for Augmented Intelligence – man AND machine.
  2. Your data matters. Your data, intellectual property, competitive advantage – not someone else’s. Took an important architectural decision – we chose not to keep any history.
  3. The ecosystem matters. Developers, universities, entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. 275 universities are teaching cognitive. And there are industry specific solutions – enterprise strength crowd.

“Watson is where your data goes to learn, but when school’s over, Watson goes home.”

2. The Cognitive Enterprise

Five ways cognitive will change enterprises:

  1. Build a deeper human bond with employees, customers, partners
  2. Scaling expertise – helping everyone achieve at their best level
  3. Scale imagination – fashion, food, music, education
  4. Change operations – real time awareness, IoT
  5. Discovery and research – connecting all the dots

We’ve learned four lessons:

  1. The better the data, better the outcome
  2. There’s a difference between training a system and programming a system
  3. Cognitive and cloud are two sides of the same coin
  4. Addressing the concerns of AI and the impact of jobs

3. Transforming Industries for a world with Watson

Ginni goes on to introduce a number of IBM partners using Cognitive which will be covered this blog post.

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