A mobile solution for faster, better field service management

Explore the three key features that your technicians need to get the job done

By | 3 minute read | June 22, 2021

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Do you remember your first smart phone? So much power – millions of times more power than what was found in the Apollo 11 guidance computers – literally in the palm of your hand. It changed everything. Including expectations. Our smart phones and AI assistants made us ready to bring the technology — like a more sophisticated mobile solution — from our homes into our jobs.

Moving technology out of the home and into the field

For some roles, that “instant tech” is especially critical. Consider technicians in the field. These are the people we rely to keep the power on, to fix broken parts and in general, keep everything operating smoothly.

From routine service calls to the most difficult-to-get-to inspections, these technicians succeed or fail based on their knowledge. Yet as our assets become smarter and more interconnected, it becomes increasingly hard to just know everything you need to know. It’s also hard to share years of institutional knowledge as the workforce transitions from one generation to the next,

Unless you can carry every piece of information with you, wherever you go. That’s where a mobile field service app comes in.

How the IBM mobile solution works

With IBM Maximo Mobile, it’s possible to have all the asset information a field technician needs, anytime, anyplace – all in the palm of their hand. This easy-to-use interface delivers content-rich data like asset history and repair guides. It also offers detailed digital twins, institutional knowledge and access to experts.

Maximo Mobile screen shots in displayed in three devices

With a mobile solution, field technicians can carry all the knowledge they need in one device.

Three key features your field service management team needs

With Maximo Mobile, you’ll find these three important features, all designed to to empower your technicians:

  • Both AI and remote human-based assistant
    Extend technicians’ abilities and enhance their knowledge with AI assistant. Or you can give them access to the right information by collaborating remotely with recognized experts.
  • Disconnected mode for continuous productivity
    Empower technicians to read, update, create data and perform inspections even in the most remote locations.
  • Ease of use through native mobile features
    Improve efficiency with intuitive capabilities, including image capture and barcodes. Technicians can also use voice-to-text functions and access GPS to better navigate to locations.

Armed with a mobile enterprise asset management (EAM) system, field technicians can use this robust “toolkit” no matter where they are. And because it’s part of the IBM Maximo Application Suite, the Maximo Mobile application can be deployed on premises or any cloud environment, with flexible options.

Attend a digital event: the future of mobile and why it’s foundational for the next generation

Discover how you can make the job of technicians easier and more productive. If you’re interested in more information on how mobile can improve your organization, join our virtual event: Building a Resilient Operation Through Mobile Asset Management. It’s an engaging, conversation with guest speakers from IDC, Samsung and Aquitas Solutions on the future of maintenance and service operations. You’ll also walk away with a better understanding of why mobility is foundational for the next generation of technicians.

If you’re ready to get more product information on our mobile solution, take the next steps. You can tour the mobile demo or explore the Solutions Brief. And you always have the option to speak with an IBM expert who can discuss your unique challenges.

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