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3 important reasons to be thankful for EAM this year

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It’s hard to believe two of my favorite ‘T’ events are happening in the next couple of weeks: Thanksgiving & TRIMax. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., and in anticipation of TRIMax, I wanted to talk about three things I have to be thankful for this year: customers, community, and partnerships.

Customers: when they succeed, we succeed

We’re seeing some very exciting trends when it comes to how our customers are exploring the use of enterprise asset management (EAM), IoT and beyond to improve their business operations. Bringing the physical and digital worlds closer together, and exploring the pervasiveness of IoT in asset-intensive industries, is exciting to them.  In particular, we are seeing four key trends:

1) Using IoT beyond the Maximo implementation

2) Taking their asset maintenance strategy to the next level

3) Looking for opportunities for quick wins in their digital transformations

4) The relationship between maintenance and technicians is becoming more engaged

We will see and hear about these trends in more detail at TRIMax, the annual TRIRIGA and Maximo user conference. It’s great to see our customers taking advantage of the new innovations surrounding Maximo.

Speaking of award-winning clients,  earlier this month it was announced that our client, Skookum Contract Services, won a 2017 Uptime Award for Best Work Execution Program. Presented annually by ReliabilityWeb’s Uptime Magazine, the award goes to companies that demonstrate high levels of performance in asset management and maintenance reliability, ultimately providing bottom-line benefits to their organization. We’re proud to have partnered with Skookum for the first implementation of IBM Maximo at one of their client sites.

A true sense of community with Maximo

We often hear about the robust community that surrounds Maximo. Over the last 30 years, people have dedicated all or large parts of their career to working with this technology. Maximo runs businesses and those who rely on it love to learn more about it. User groups are held multiple times each year and everyone always walks away with new friends and new ideas. In fact, it’s rare to see anyone leaving early from a user group meeting. Even on the last day of MaximoWorld down in Orlando this year, the room was still packed for the last session on the last day to hear about the future roadmap. With other solutions, this is typically not a topic you often see turning into standing-room only seating!

Why I’m thankful for the Maximo community

I personally have been working with Maximo for 20 years. Attending and presenting at Maximo user groups is always a great experience. It is amazing to see the different ways that customers manage to leverage the Maximo platform. I’m looking forward to my session at TRIMax where I will be discussing data management. My hope is to get customers involved in sharing data horror stories to have an interactive (and probably entertaining) discussion. As you know, bad data can not only have financial implications on your inventory but also prevent you from taking advantage of all the new analytic tools like Watson Analytics.

Me doing some asset management health checkups at MaximoWorld this year.

One of our Principal Consultants, Gina Leonard, will also be leading a hands-on training session. This session will focus on “Inventory Costing for Rotating Assets”. Gina is the former IBM Maximo Supply Chain Offering Manager and brings over 20 years Maximo experience. Her straightforward and entertaining delivery style will guarantee you leave with something you can take back and apply to your organization. Between myself and Gina, we probably know or have worked with thousands of Maximo customers!

Doing more together with great partnerships

I believe in the importance of great partnerships. In addition to partnering with great clients, we have also worked closely with IBM in our mutual efforts to accelerate clients’ business value through EAM & IoT. In fact, last month we were named one of IBM’s top Watson IoT Business Partners globally! Announced at the new global IoT headquarters in Munich, Germany, it is a symbol of our commitment to helping our clients bring digital transformation to their business.

Bringing it all together

Clients, communities and partnerships enable all of us to do better work….together. We work with each other, learn from each other, and support a common cause. For all these reasons,  I am thankful for EAM this year and very much looking forward to TRIMax next week.

There is still limited space available to attend TRIMax, for more details, please check out

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