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Highlights of the 15th Annual IBM China Forum

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The 15th Annual IBM China Forum will take place in Beijing on Tuesday, bringing together more than 5,000 clients, partners, IBM experts and key influencers to explore the way IBM’s work is transforming and reimagining industries.

Keynote: Transformation in the age of the IoT

Flying the flag for the IoT will be Sanjay Brahmawar, IBM Watson Internet of Things General Manager, who will deliver a keynote speech on cognitive manufacturing. Sanjay will discuss the transformative potential of the IoT within the manufacturing industry, and explore how clients and partners globally, as well as those co-located with us at the Watson global headquarters in Munich, are driving innovations in cognitive computing.

The session, named (appropriately enough): ‘Made in China 2025: Transformation, Outcomes and Leadership in the age of Internet of Things’, will delve deep into the ways cognitive manufacturing can lead to increased productivity and competitiveness across value chains. Sanjay will explore the opportunities that sensors, predictive analysis, cognitive computing and robots offer up, through enabling greater levels of automation in the manufacturing process.

Recap: Cognitive manufacturing as part of Industry 4.0

For those who need a quick refresher, cognitive manufacturing involves generating and acting upon insights from data collected by connected ‘things’ or components. These components might be used as part of the manufacturing process itself – robots on the production line, for instance – that are able to collect data on their own physical state and that of the environment that surrounds them.

A feedback loop is created between physical things and the digital world – where objects are able to give us critical information on the way they are being used or whether they need repair. This information can help manufacturers optimise every stage of the production process to save time and money. Take a look at this post on Industry 4.0 to find out more about cognitive manufacturing.

About Sanjay Brahmawar

Sanjay is based in the IBM Watson IoT Center headquarters in Munich, Germany. He works closely with co-locating partners at the center, including BMWAvnetBNP ParibasCapgemini and Tech Mahinda, to drive innovations in cognitive computing and the IoT to transform business.

View the online broadcast

You can join the live IBM China Forum broadcast on Tuesday, 11 April, from 9am-12.20pm (China Standard Time) via the following links:

Sanjay’s keynote will take place between 10.25am and 10.55am (CST).

Learn more

If you’d like to find out more about Industry 4.0 and join the next industrial revolution, visit IBM Industry 4.0.

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