10 things to enable the makers: November 2016 round-up

By | 3 minute read | November 22, 2016

10 things to enable the makers

Here are ten cool things makers can do, try, buy, and attend to quickly and easily create and deploy IoT apps with Bluemix and Watson IoT Platform.

1. Security is hotting up around IoT. Can you help us test the boundaries?

If you are interested in IoT security, consider signing up for the November security beta. Experience the latest IoT Security capabilities and help us test the boundaries. Sign-up to our November beta today. To find out what steps should you be taking, download the new IBM IoT Security positioning paper. Learn about security and privacy implications unique to a cognitive IoT system, the challenges and opportunities discovered in the latest cognitive IoT research, and best practices in securing your cognitive IoT solutions, including technologies such as Blockchain.

2. Blockchain & IoT explained

A blockchain ledger can create a tamper-resistant record when information needs to be shared among business partners without setting up a costly centralized IT infrastructure. Watch the video to see how data is shared through a private blockchain. Here are three more use case demos to show you where and how you can use blockchain in your IoT projects:

3. IoT Builders Contest

IBM and Instructables are challenging IoT builders to hack their world with Watson IoT and Node-RED. Enter the contest and out-hack the competition! Don’t wait too long, you only have until the end of the year to create your entry. Are you in? Enter now.

4. Speed up your IoT development

Try out this preview release of a set of nodes, device simulators and a sample application in Node-RED that can speed-up your IoT development work.

5. Change your asset tracking game

Skyhook are geared up to change your asset tracking game. Here are four easy ways to test the power of location and IoT. Learn more.

6. EnOcean energy harnessing wireless technology

EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless sensor technology collects energy from the environment ─ such as kinetic motion, pressure, light, differences in temperature ─ and converts it into energy to power wireless communications. By combining miniaturized energy harvesters and ultra-low power wireless technology, EnOcean offers maintenance-free sensor solutions for use in buildings, smart homes, industrial applications and the Internet of Things. Try the recipe.

7. Webcast: Practical IoT use-cases

Take a look behind the scenes and explore what happens to IoT data, how it gets digested and what new Watson IoT enabled use-cases emerge. Register and attend the webcast. 

8. Practice makes perfect. Why not give these cool tutorials and demos a whirl?

Connecting ARM mbed devices to the Watson IoT cloud using mbed Connector

Why is ARM mbed & Watson IoT Platform integration trending? With millions of mbed devices on the market, integration with Watson IoT Platform is key because device developers now have a one-stop-shop to leverage IBM’s Watson analytics, storage, & security with a direct connection to ARM mbed. Learn more about what the integration means to you. Try the recipe-tutorial that demonstrates how developers can connect an ARM mbed device, running mbed OS and mbed-client, into Watson IoT through ARM’s mbed Connector cloud.

Connecting a Sense HAT to Watson IoT using Node-RED

This recipe gets a Sense HAT sending events to the Watson IoT platform and responding to commands sent back, all using Node-RED.

Tutorial: Build a heart rate monitor

This tutorial shows you how to construct a heart rate monitor integrated with IBM Watson IoT Platform.

Discover more recipes and tutorials.

9. Get inspired. Here’s a start-up success story! Meet Blubel: A smart bicycle bell

Meet Blubel, the smart bicycle bell that safely guides you to your destination, with ease, while gathering valuable data in the Cloud to enhance cycling transportation globally. 

10. Do you use Design Thinking when scoping your IoT apps and solutions? Hear how four developers teamed up and hit the ground running with their emergency first responder app

IBM Watson IoT Platform hits the ground running with a first responder on-scene application using Node-RED. Saving lives requires info at your fingertips FAST. A micro-service architecture app using Watson IoT Platform and Node-RED to calculate an ETA for a full complement of first responders to arrive “ON-SCENE” gives authorities vital info in real time. Read the blog describing how the developers designed the app using IBM design thinking and access to local emergency teams, gaps were identified in current systems and technologies. The design thinking process quickly defined use cases that aligned with Watson IoT capabilities. The article outlines the development of a working MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) app running on IBM Bluemix, integrating with Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED, Bluemix Services and external APIs.