Claudio Valera

Creating an Automated Payroll Solution That’s More than Just Gross to Net

Want to know if your HCM/Payroll application deployment was a success? Start with making sure your employees are being paid correctly. Staying on time or on budget is great, but it means little if your help desk lights up like a Christmas tree because paychecks are wrong. Naturally, ensuring that you successfully design and configure […]

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Do You Know the Three P’s of Workday Deployment Testing?

Testing is a part of any new rollout — whether that’s a software solution, a website, a brand logo redesign or even a recipe for a new dish — that everyone will agree is important but often gets sacrificed at the altar of keeping your timeline. I am a firm believer in “progress, not perfection,” […]

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Do You Know the 6 Critical Steps that Ensure a Successful Workday Deployment?

The papers have been signed and you’re ready to move forward with your Workday deployment. Or are you? Sure, you may not be working on the tech side of things, but there is still plenty to do to ensure the process moves smoothly. Here are the six things you should keep in mind as you […]

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