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What Are the Six Personality Traits that Define Transformational Leaders?

“The only thing that is constant is change.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is quoted as having said that many, many years ago, and it’s still true today. What’s different now is how change happens. Of course, many find happiness — or, at the very least, contentment — in status quo. They’re used to existing tools, […]

5 Reasons Your Finance and Human Resources System Should Be in the Cloud

For years, “the cloud” had a bad rep. No one wanted to be accused of having their head in the cloud, because it meant you were aloof or paid too much attention to your own delusional ideas. But today, the people and businesses whose heads are in the cloud are those who aren’t in the […]

Data Alone Won’t Help HR Professionals Do Their Jobs Better

With the perpetual influx of technology and automation, it feels as if human resources, like many other professions, is at an impasse between the way we used to make decisions — the art of our profession — and technology-enabled decision making (IBM Watson or Workday predictive or cognitive analytics, for example). Some in the profession […]

3 Ways to Get Your Employees Excited When You Go Live on Workday

After all those months working on your Workday deployment, it’s finally time to go live and roll it out to your employees. You’ve been working alongside your deployment partner, so you’re ready. But is the rest of your company ready? In order for Workday to be a success at your organization, you need to rally […]

To Build a Strong Employer Brand, HR and Marketing Need to Be in Sync

Employer brand. Chances are good that’s a term you’ve heard before. And hopefully it’s one that’s taken seriously in your organization. The term “employer brand” itself has been around since the mid-1990s; it refers to an organization’s reputation as an employer, as opposed to the main marketing-driven corporate brand. But over time, with social media […]

These 3 Steps Will Ensure a Successful Workday Deployment at Your College or University

Colleges, universities and other institutions of higher education today must differentiate themselves so they can attract students, faculty and other institutional employees, and stay competitive in the increasingly busy higher ed marketplace. That starts with determining and planning how to solve and address the unique needs of each of their constituent groups. From attracting faculty […]

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Working on Full Platform Workday Deployments

As the saying goes, two is better than one. And that’s definitely true when you’re talking about Workday deployments. Why just deploy HCM when you can also deploy Financial Management and operate with a complete picture of your company? The benefits of a Full Platform deployment are many. For example, all your data is in […]

Creating an Automated Payroll Solution That’s More than Just Gross to Net

Want to know if your HCM/Payroll application deployment was a success? Start with making sure your employees are being paid correctly. Staying on time or on budget is great, but it means little if your help desk lights up like a Christmas tree because paychecks are wrong. Naturally, ensuring that you successfully design and configure […]

The War for Talent Is On. Is Your Side Winning?

As any human resources professional knows, finding the right people to grow your business has reached a critical point. As a result of macro issues such as a strong economy, a global talent shortage and, particularly in our space, the extremely tight talent pool, this has created a War for Talent that shows no signs […]

Is Your School Ready to Take the Lead and Create a System of True Engagement?

The higher education industry has changed and continues to change. For one thing, colleges and universities today have moved from being centers of learning and development to large-scale business enterprises, as Jon McGee writes in his book Breakpoint: The Changing Marketplace for Higher Education. Schools now enroll thousands of students, employ hundreds or even thousands […]

Focus on These 3 Things If You Want to Prove the ROI of Workday

Congratulations! You’re live on Workday and all your hard work is paying off — things are going well. Your employees are engaged with and adopting the new system. Processes are running smoother than ever before, and you’re able to focus less on administrative tasks and more on strategy. Everyone in the Finance and Human Resources […]

5 Ways for HR to Move from Service Center to Strategic Partner

The human resources department you used to know is no more. That’s right. After years of HR serving two basic needs — bringing new employees in and handling their departure at the close of their tenure — organizations of all kinds are finding they need a more relevant human resources department that can provide critical […]

Do You Know the Three P’s of Workday Deployment Testing?

Testing is a part of any new rollout — whether that’s a software solution, a website, a brand logo redesign or even a recipe for a new dish — that everyone will agree is important but often gets sacrificed at the altar of keeping your timeline. I am a firm believer in “progress, not perfection,” […]