Three Charts That Display How Aviation Professionals Think

Some of the most prominent aviation professionals convened at the Aviation Festival 2017 to discuss the future of the industry. While we were there, IBM surveyed participants regarding their predictions and their struggles. Here’s what we discovered…

Personalization is their biggest digital experience challenge.

IBM Aviation Festival Results 1

When asked to select their top priority when it comes to customer experience, almost two out of three respondents confidently leaned towards personalizing the experience more.

They consider post-flight to be the hardest time to connect.

IBM Aviation Festival Results 2

Airlines seem to be more confident with their booking experience compared to other parts of the journey. When polled, our respondents were almost split between which area was hardest to reach passengers: in transit or post flight.

They’re most interested in customer spending habits.

A few participants remarked that they were “not surprised” at the results of this question. Customer spending is the information that professionals are most compelled to have.

Discover more information about travel leader priorities by reading the results of the IBM Travel Experience Index. And a special thanks to all who participated in this survey at the Aviation Festival 2017.

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