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The Travel and Transportation Industry is at an Inflection Point

It is truly an honor and privilege to assume the role of General Manager, IBM Global Travel and Transportation Industry. As a former client of IBM and a passionate champion of re-inventing and transforming the travel and transportation industry, it is my pleasure to serve our clients and the industry in this capacity. I will tirelessly work along side our global team to steward the innovative assets, deep expertise and differentiated solutions of IBM and our partners to enable our clients to transform their businesses and WIN in our hyper-connected, hyper-competitive, digital world.

In addition, I am humbled by the prospect of continuing and extending the legacy created by my friend, mentor and now predecessor Marty Salfen, who passed away earlier this year. Marty was a wonderful human being and our beloved colleague. He contributed significantly to the success of our clients, our industry, IBM and our world. Marty was truly one of a kind. We miss him and celebrate him.

We are at an inflection point for the travel and transportation industry. Four seismic shifts in business technology are affecting us all:

  • Data is the world’s new natural resource and the new basis of competitive advantage. Harnessing data has become a core competency.
  • Cloud computing is transforming business processes into agile digital services. Cloud is the path to new business models.
  • Mobile and social are transforming engagement with customers and business partners, creating expectations of security, trust and value. A more systematic approach to engagement is now required.
  • Cognitive systems, led by IBM Watson, can now augment human intelligence by interpreting structured and unstructured data including natural language to deliver actionable insights that improve business results.

These converging forces provide opportunities for travel and transportation companies to fundamentally re-imagine their digital business models and transform their technology foundation for the future. To seize the opportunities, new approaches are required including design thinking, customer experience innovation and agile business processes.

IBM stands ready to help and we are uniquely qualified because of our unmatched portfolio of assets, capabilities, and experience. For example, our partnership with Apple, acquisition of The Weather Company, hybrid cloud capabilities, internet of things ecosystem, IBM Interactive Experience design team, IBM Watson and business consulting services are all resources that clients can employ in their digital transformation.

The world depends on travel and transportation. I joined IBM because I firmly believe we are uniquely positioned to help our clients improve their business results and create a positive impact for the world. I look forward to working with you to achieve these ambitious goals.

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General Manager, Global Travel & Transportation Industry at IBM

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