Cognitive Computing Key To Railroads’ Ability To Thrive In 2025

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By Pat Foran, Editor

In the year 2025, railroads will be very much alive. And they’ll thrive, or at least have a better shot at thriving, if they embrace rail life in the cognitive-computing lane.

That’s the gist of “Think Beyond the Rails: Leading in 2025,” a white paper IBM Corp. issued in May.

Railroads already are deploying cognitive technologies and predictive analytics tools, but they have a lot more deployment work to do, says Keith Dierkx, IBM’s global rail industry leader and the white paper’s author. And over the next decade, railroads must become more “interconnected, transparent and agile,” as he wrote in the white paper.

To achieve the kind of interconnectedness Dierkx envisions, railroads must:
• collaborate “beyond their comfort zones” and partner with service providers to create what he terms “an ecosystem of value”; and
• use cognitive computing — next-generation technology systems capabilities that “mimic the way the human brain works” — to harness data inside and outside an organization to boost revenue, cut costs and gain marketshare.

IBM’s cognitive-computing offering is Watson, a platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from unstructured data.

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Global Travel and Transportation Rail Leader at IBM

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