Transportation has a huge impact on our global economy. See how railways can create an agile environment for 2025

Environments Where Blockchain Can Thrive

A Blockchain solution can flourish in business scenarios that have a high number of participants that all want to track a particular product or item. And the more complex the tracking process, the more a Blockchain application can thrive. For example, if a product traverses through a series of steps that starts with its creation […]

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World Rail Festival 2017: From digital disruption to digital reinvention

Key international railway leaders gathered for the first day of World Rail Festival in Amsterdam to discuss the digitization of the rail business model, how commercial growth can be achieved and how the rail industry can prepare to meet the demands of the travel ecosystem of the future. To win in the marketplace today, simply […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Travel and Transportation

Leverage proven solutions to increase revenue and manage capacity while improving the end-to-end customer experience. Maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

Think beyond the rails: Leading in 2025

Railways can drive growth and create a more responsive and agile operating environment for 2025 by embracing an interconnected rail ecosystem and using cognitive computing to harness data both inside and outside of railway enterprises

How Metro and Rail Use Data to Optimize Business

IoT and Big Data in rail transportation It’s a little known fact that rail transportation is one of the earliest adopters of IoT and Big Data. Already sensors and devices along rail tracks are helping keep rail systems safe and secure. Increasingly, operators are also using data generated from train station turnstiles, entrances and temperature […]

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Cognitive Computing Key To Railroads’ Ability To Thrive In 2025

By Pat Foran, Editor In the year 2025, railroads will be very much alive. And they’ll thrive, or at least have a better shot at thriving, if they embrace rail life in the cognitive-computing lane. That’s the gist of “Think Beyond the Rails: Leading in 2025,” a white paper IBM Corp. issued in May. Railroads […]

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