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Listening to the voices of guests can help you improve digital, multi-channel & service touch-points. Explore this category & learn more.

Personalizing the Digital Guest Experience

Cognitive Computing and the digital guest experience. See my feature article published today on Global Hotel Network at the LINK below. Earlier this year, IBM’s Institute for Business Value surveyed global travel and hospitality executives on the topic of cognitive computing and we found that the industry is just starting to explore this transformational technology. […]

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3 Hints that Your Travel or Transportation Company May Benefit from Blockchain

Buzzwords abound in the Information Technology landscape and “blockchain” will continue to add a major theme to the teeming jargon. A lengthy breakdown of what blockchain is will not follow. What you will, however, get from reading further are some ideas of how this seemingly intricately complex system can help create more efficiency to business […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Travel and Transportation

Leverage proven solutions to increase revenue and manage capacity while improving the end-to-end customer experience. Maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

Think beyond the rails: Leading in 2025

Railways can drive growth and create a more responsive and agile operating environment for 2025 by embracing an interconnected rail ecosystem and using cognitive computing to harness data both inside and outside of railway enterprises

Adjusting to Change in the Travel Industry

The sharing economy on the rise In the travel industry, the imperative to provide a differentiated travel experience for consumers seems to grow by the day, as is evidenced by a new study conducted by Allianz Global Assistance. When polling travelers in the US, the study revealed that the willingness of travelers to opt into […]

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GHN Perspectives Article – – Global Hotel Network

See my editorial in this month’s GHN Perspectives article from Global Hotel Network. GHN Perspectives Article Global Hotel Network ( is the industry hub for news and views from hotel group CEO’s, CIO’s and global thought leaders in hospitality. I currently serve on the GHN Thought Leadership Committee.

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The evolution of self-service in the travel industry

Arne Sorensen, the esteemed CEO of Marriott International, makes several great points about the importance of transparency in travel in his recent linkedin post for #MyIndustry, but I fear we are, as an industry, missing the broader implications of the drive to heap more information (and analysis) in the hands of travelers. Yes, self service and […]

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Hospitality Companies – – What do your Guests want??

Hospitality Companies around the world are looking to transform the guest experience with data, customer insights, digital and mobile capabilities. And leverage these capabilities to create competitive advantage and grow customer lifetime value. Your most loyal guests expect you to “know them” and to “anticipate their needs”.  See the infographic and white paper at the […]

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