Cognitive Computing

Many travel executives understand the power Cognitive Computing has to transform their industry. Explore our articles below & learn more.

The Shocking Truth About Cybersecurity Threats

Ransomware Carnage Cost Billions in 2017.1 Overall Monetary Damage Caused by Cyber Crime May Reach $6 Trillion per Year by 2021.2 174,402,528 Data Breaches* Occurred in 2017.3 Most IT security professionals know the above statistics and have read many more. All of these hazards can negatively affect a company’s operations, financial condition, and/or liquidity. These […]

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World Rail Festival 2017: From digital disruption to digital reinvention

Key international railway leaders gathered for the first day of World Rail Festival in Amsterdam to discuss the digitization of the rail business model, how commercial growth can be achieved and how the rail industry can prepare to meet the demands of the travel ecosystem of the future. To win in the marketplace today, simply […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Travel and Transportation

Leverage proven solutions to increase revenue and manage capacity while improving the end-to-end customer experience. Maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

Think beyond the rails: Leading in 2025

Railways can drive growth and create a more responsive and agile operating environment for 2025 by embracing an interconnected rail ecosystem and using cognitive computing to harness data both inside and outside of railway enterprises

Will Conditions Turn More Favorable and Allow Airlines to Soar?

Global economic conditions, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, extensive government fees and taxes, environmental regulations, jet fuel prices, fixed asset utilization, intense competition, weather disruptions, mechanical difficulties, IT infrastructure obsolescence, security. These are some of the challenges faced by the adventurous and lionhearted airline industry participants. Those daring to venture into this energetic and ultra-important industry […]

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Cognitive Computing Is Here In The Travel Industry!!

Beyond Bots and Robots Infographic, Source: IBM Institute for Business Value   Are you positioned to lead the cognitive travel revolution? Travel executives who believe their companies can get more from cognitive computing would do well to work with their teams to ask and answer the following probing questions: Does your enterprise have a comprehensive […]

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Beyond bots and robots – Exploring the unrealized potential of cognitive computing in the travel industry

Beyond bots and robots: Exploring the unrealized potential of cognitive computing in the travel industry Based on a survey of travel and transportation executives, we developed a vision for the industry’s cognitive future and recommendations. Here’s a preview of this new IBM study: Did you know that 41% of travel companies plan to start their […]

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WoW Your Customers With Watson

  As I reflect on World of Watson and start to imagine the possibilities for Watson in the Travel and Transportation Industry, I quickly concluded that the possibilities are endless.  The opportunities for your organization to leverage Artificial Intelligence to make your business smarter, more nimble, and more competitive is incredible. We witnessed real world […]

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Life Has Handed You A Travel Day Lemon, How Do you Make Lemonade?

Thousands of travelers were stranded in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Storm surges and heavy rain crippled the low country from the Florida coast up to parts of North Carolina. Millions of residents were forced to evacuate their homes and move inland, I even had family in Savannah, GA that were impacted. Many travelers were […]

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Personal Tour Guides, powered by IBM Watson

This past Thursday, the National Football League (NFL) started its long-awaited season.  In the NFL, 32 teams compete every year to win the prized Super Bowl trophy. The two final teams fight tooth-and-nail to claim the renown as the best football team in all of the world, and the night is capped off with a […]

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IBM Watson is Changing Travel in Ways Nobody is Expecting

IBM Watson Is Changing Travel in Ways Nobody’s Expecting. Get your insights from our latest post! Discover how IBM Watson and cognitive are redefining Boundaries for the C-suite The Rise of Design Thinking For the last five years, IBM has strived to reinvent itself as a cloud computing and cognitive platform company to support its large enterprise clients as they shift their operations online, […]

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Cognitive solution for Hospitality by IBM and Hilton Worldwide

The future is a cognitive solution, trust us! Across the hospitality industry, everyone is focused on enhancing the guest experience. But the guest is also wanting a unique experience with each stay, and the ability to configure each stay to match the purpose for that trip – whether it be for business, leisure, traveling alone, […]

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The Travel and Transportation Industry is at an Inflection Point

It is truly an honor and privilege to assume the role of General Manager, IBM Global Travel and Transportation Industry. As a former client of IBM and a passionate champion of re-inventing and transforming the travel and transportation industry, it is my pleasure to serve our clients and the industry in this capacity. I will […]

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Who wants to buy predictive analytics?!

Earlier this year our team was working with a couple of large airline clients, pitching some cool analytics software that would predict traffic and weather en-route in airspace or for landing at airports: it would crunch several terabytes of historical data plus real-time feeds and allow airline staff make smarter decisions about flight routes, fuel […]

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