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Three Charts That Display How Aviation Professionals Think

Some of the most prominent aviation professionals convened at the Aviation Festival 2017 to discuss the future of the industry. While we were there, IBM surveyed participants regarding their predictions and their struggles. Here’s what we discovered… Personalization is their biggest digital experience challenge. When asked to select their top priority when it comes to […]

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Four Future-Thinking Takeaways from the Aviation Festival

Key leaders from airlines around the globe convened today for the first day of the Aviation Festival 2017 in London. The opening session featured an interview session hosted by Bloomberg’s Anna Edwards, and as she inquired into the near future of air travel via three prominent guests, we collected a few takeaways. Personalization is the […]

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Think beyond the rails: Leading in 2025

Railways can drive growth and create a more responsive and agile operating environment for 2025 by embracing an interconnected rail ecosystem and using cognitive computing to harness data both inside and outside of railway enterprises

3 Hints that Your Travel or Transportation Company May Benefit from Blockchain

Buzzwords abound in the Information Technology landscape and “blockchain” will continue to add a major theme to the teeming jargon. A lengthy breakdown of what blockchain is will not follow. What you will, however, get from reading further are some ideas of how this seemingly intricately complex system can help create more efficiency to business […]

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Will Conditions Turn More Favorable and Allow Airlines to Soar?

Global economic conditions, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, extensive government fees and taxes, environmental regulations, jet fuel prices, fixed asset utilization, intense competition, weather disruptions, mechanical difficulties, IT infrastructure obsolescence, security. These are some of the challenges faced by the adventurous and lionhearted airline industry participants. Those daring to venture into this energetic and ultra-important industry […]

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Finnair plans to roll out a series of iOS apps to its staff

Finnair plans to roll out a series of iOS apps to its staff, starting with programs to assist maintenance crew and their supervisors. The Finnish carrier’s first apps are ‘Inspect and Turn’ and ‘Assign Tech’. Inspect and Turn provides aircraft mechanics with digital ‘task cards’ and documentation with analytics-driven recommendations to complete their assignments. Assign […]

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American Airlines Lands On IBM Cloud For Some Of Its Tech

November 29, 2016 American Airlines plans to use IBM’s public cloud to run some of its applications, both companies said early Tuesday. American Airlines, like most large companies, has legacy applications to manage tasks and will move some of them to IBM’s public cloud and use IBM’s BlueMix tools to modernize them. “The agreement runs […]

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The Airline Industry’s Connected Commerce Future

Disruptions now loom over the airline industry and are threatening everything from profit margins to long-term relationships. According to the Skift-Datalex report titled The Airlines Industry’s Connected Commerce Future – Disrupt or be Disrupted, airlines will have to re-imagine their relationship with customers and how they sell their products using technology in order to better […]

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Can Watson Help You Turn a Wrench?

IBM’s dazzlingly powerful IBM Watson system is not too proud to help out on the maintenance line. IBM has been using Watson’s Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning capabilities to help engineers and line techs at several airlines handle defects better. Kanishka Agiwal, associate partner in IBM’s Watson Travel & Transportation division, says Watson can […]

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How the IBM-Apple Partnership Is Helping Air Canada

On July 15, 2014 IBM and Apple announced their IBM MobileFirst for iOS partnership to develop 100 apps in verticals such as travel, health care, retail, and energy. A little over a year later the partnership had reached its goal. Today the partnership continues to develop apps – both custom ones and those that could […]

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10-Second Bot Booking: Car Rentals

I’m dreaming of bots, specifically travel-booking bots. Why? I travel. A lot. Every week a couple cities. Often Atlanta or Chicago. Next week Tampa. I know these cities. I know the airports and rental centers. I know the hotels and how to get there. This is the norm for a business traveler. From the outside […]

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Analyzing flight efficiency vs. traffic inefficiency

There is a definite buzz around this nowadays: two large airlines this week announced the signing of a comprehensive service to analyze their flight operations efficiency and deliver savings – Qantas and Southwest. The service they signed up for is identical in that it looks at opportunities in real-time for a flight to optimize its […]

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Self-Service – the 15 minute discussion.

A new CEO joined the airlines. After settling in for the first month, he called a meeting with his CIO, CCO & CMO to discuss self-service as he had been receiving a lot many complaints. Here is how the discussion went. CEO: Take me through the self-service story of our airline. CIO: Since we wanted […]

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