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The evolution of self-service in the travel industry

Arne Sorensen, the esteemed CEO of Marriott International, makes several great points about the importance of transparency in travel in his recent linkedin post for #MyIndustry, but I fear we are, as an industry, missing the broader implications of the drive to heap more information (and analysis) in the hands of travelers. Yes, self service and […]

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Millennial Travelers – Preferences that matter

About 9 months ago I published a study on the preferences and patterns of Millennial Travelers in which I concluded that in most ways this large and influential group is a lot like the rest of us. More importantly, to the extent that salient differences can be detected, the size of the gaps between ‘them’ […]

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The “price” of airline pricing schemes

  Technology has been the impetus for many of the most innovative changes in airline management in the past 50 years, including the advent of central reservation systems, the development of automated scheduling systems, and the observed dominance of...

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