Cognitive Computing

Beyond bots and robots – Exploring the unrealized potential of cognitive computing in the travel industry

Beyond bots and robots: Exploring the unrealized potential of cognitive computing in the travel industry Based on a survey of travel and transportation executives, we developed a vision for the industry’s cognitive future and recommendations. Here’s a preview of this new IBM study: Did you know that 41% of travel companies plan to start their […]

Cognitive Computing

WoW Your Customers With Watson

  As I reflect on World of Watson and start to imagine the possibilities for Watson in the Travel and Transportation Industry, I quickly concluded that the possibilities are endless.  The opportunities for your organization to leverage Artificial Intelligence to make your business smarter, more nimble, and more competitive is incredible. We witnessed real world […]


Millennials have reached the skies

Millennials have taken over the skies.  Oh yeah… It’s ours now. Millennials mean business (travel) The study results are in, and millennials are currently undergoing more business travel than any other generation.  That’s right — according to the Portrait of Business Travelers from MMGY Global, millennials took an average of 7.4 business trips in the […]

Ground Transportation Solution

Planning delivery times and routes can be difficult. For those directing a company’s efforts in getting people or products from one point to another safely and on-time, clear skies, calm winds, and unobstructed, free-flowing roadways are very much appreciated. However, these very same people have to expect and plan for inclement weather and traffic incidents […]

Will Conditions Turn More Favorable and Allow Airlines to Soar?

Global economic conditions, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, extensive government fees and taxes, environmental regulations, jet fuel prices, fixed asset utilization, intense competition, weather disruptions, mechanical difficulties, IT infrastructure obsolescence, security. These are some of the challenges faced by the adventurous and lionhearted airline industry participants. Those daring to venture into this energetic and ultra-important industry […]

5 Top 2016 Highlights from the Travel and Transportation blog

2016 was a year to forget for many Travel and Transportation companies. These industries have spent much of 2016 strategizing how to fight off disruption within their industries, and, outside of the industry, the world is rife with uncertainty, from unstable economies to unforeseen political developments. I recently penned a blog on how uncertainty recently inconvenience my […]

Reduce Travel Uncertainty in 2017

Here’s a 2017 resolution for any and all companies associated with the Travel Industry — reduce uncertainty. To flight delay or not to flight delay? A little over a week ago, I was experiencing a small degree of heartburn at the hands of an unnamed airline. Alright, I’ll admit, it wasn’t technically the airline’s fault, but […]

Hotel Differentiation through Technology and Entertainment

Customer experience is vital in the hotel industry, and I’ve previously written about how some hotels are going above and beyond to differentiate themselves from other lodging destinations. In 2016 and moving into 2017, consumers want new, shareable experiences and/or more “bang for their buck.” Well, the good news is, hotels don’t need human refrigerators, IV bars […]

AI in Tourism: Let the IBM Cloud Show You Around the City

Similar to a project that we recently saw launched from sunny Orlando, the UK’s largest tour operator has decided to take the plunge, tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) to create a virtual chatbot tour guide. And the sky is, quite literally, the limit. IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Weighing In on Travel Plans Thompson, part of TUI UK & […]

Finnair plans to roll out a series of iOS apps to its staff

Finnair plans to roll out a series of iOS apps to its staff, starting with programs to assist maintenance crew and their supervisors. The Finnish carrier’s first apps are ‘Inspect and Turn’ and ‘Assign Tech’. Inspect and Turn provides aircraft mechanics with digital ‘task cards’ and documentation with analytics-driven recommendations to complete their assignments. Assign […]

American Airlines Lands On IBM Cloud For Some Of Its Tech

November 29, 2016 American Airlines plans to use IBM’s public cloud to run some of its applications, both companies said early Tuesday. American Airlines, like most large companies, has legacy applications to manage tasks and will move some of them to IBM’s public cloud and use IBM’s BlueMix tools to modernize them. “The agreement runs […]

Cognitive Computing Is Here In The Travel Industry!!

Beyond Bots and Robots Infographic, Source: IBM Institute for Business Value   Are you positioned to lead the cognitive travel revolution? Travel executives who believe their companies can get more from cognitive computing would do well to work with their teams to ask and answer the following probing questions: Does your enterprise have a comprehensive […]

Travel Means Business: Takeaways from a New Study

In light of one of my recent blogs on travel research, let’s talk about another recent study!  Nothing like some good ole knowledge. Digital technology and work on the road According to a recent article on Skift, a new study from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) and American Express Global Business Travel has […]

The Airline Industry’s Connected Commerce Future

Disruptions now loom over the airline industry and are threatening everything from profit margins to long-term relationships. According to the Skift-Datalex report titled The Airlines Industry’s Connected Commerce Future – Disrupt or be Disrupted, airlines will have to re-imagine their relationship with customers and how they sell their products using technology in order to better […]

Life Has Handed You A Travel Day Lemon, How Do you Make Lemonade?

Thousands of travelers were stranded in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Storm surges and heavy rain crippled the low country from the Florida coast up to parts of North Carolina. Millions of residents were forced to evacuate their homes and move inland, I even had family in Savannah, GA that were impacted. Many travelers were […]