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Social Profiling: Do You Really Know Your Audience?

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Social Media has become the modern day water cooler and a very powerful place for like-minded people to gather and discuss their favorite media content. But are Media and Entertainment companies really tapping its full potential?

Studios and broadcasters need to ask themselves: do we really know our audience? Can we identify our top thousand fans? Do we know which consumers are engaging on phones, laptops, streaming services, or digital cable?

A treasure trove of useful audience data is hiding in plain sight on the social channels that the audience is using to rate, review, document and discuss their media consumption habits. IBM is leveraging its best of breed research and analytic capabilities to enable large studios and cable networks to tap into social media channels. With the right analytics, 250 tweets can become a litmus test of trends and personality traits. Leverage these insights with what’s extant about audience behavior based on fundamental psychology, and broadcasters can infer surprisingly in-depth traits about their audiences, including their intent to watch and content sentiment.

The next step is to create audience micro-segments based on this rich set of profile attributes. The insights that reside within these audience profiles can be used to guide script creation, production design, format and advertising. Just imagine marketing campaigns that are more precisely designed and targeted to the right audience micro-segment at the right time – gains in ROI and audience experience can be realized, built upon a foundation of analytics.


It’s simple: learn about your audience and give them what they want. Learn or contact me at,

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