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Protecting and Securing Your Digital Assets in the M&E Industry

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The Media and Entertainment industry has many “crown jewels” that require protection from hackers and malicious insiders. These jewels include intellectual property like video content and concept art, business data like highly sensitive email conversations and personnel records. They also include the availability of content streams to ensure consistent, accurate delivery of media assets. It’s an area where digital security, innovation, conversion and file content management is converging to redefine the daily experiences of M&E businesses.


Think about the next big summer blockbuster sitting on a server at a data center, or the next NYT bestseller currently being edited on an iPad. These intellectual property assets are directly connected to a digital network and exist in some cases, exclusively as digital files or even in the cloud. The networks, storage, delivery and development platforms in these scenarios must be protected appropriately, as they represent the very substance upon which the enterprise’s success is built.

To protect assets and availability throughout the digital lifecycle, M&E enterprises need to build a robust security program. A good security scheme is built on understanding of the type and value of critical assets and how to best manage and protect those assets.

Different solutions and applications are available that address the security needs of various enterprise sizes, on a regional or global basis. Analytics software can bolster the effectiveness of any digital security suite by taking historical and predictive insights to tell a complete story about a business’s past errors, current performance and possible risk scenarios. On-going continuous security monitoring allows organizations to look for and alert on suspicious activity to help prevent or contain attacks. Network security, like intrusion prevention, can block malicious communications and events before damage is done.

Since many attacks are first introduced via endpoints such as smartphones and tablets, security control of these endpoints matters. M&E can help limit risk by employing BYOD (bring your own device) security management and endpoint malware detection.

Learn more about IBM’s advanced digital security tools that can protect your digital assets. Contact me or view my video below:

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