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IoT: Bridges and the bronze medal

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In 2018, the word “connected” is used in every industry – be it personal, manufacturing, mobile or global. The image of connected conjures thoughts of technology making people and things more accessible. In the case of IoT, the purpose is to provide insightful information that enables individuals and organizations to make higher quality decisions. What could possibly be higher quality than safety? One of the most important aspects of an IoT element is the human element. Does it make your work or life safer, happier or healthier? Which is exactly the question AT&T was asking.

IoT has the potential to change the world as we know it across all industries by combining IoT sensor data with cognitive computing. AT&T Smart Cities, in partnership with IBM Cloud, recently launched a digital infrastructure IoT solution that will monitor and track rail and roadway infrastructures in near real time. The battery-operated sensors are a high tech, real-time solution to dealing with the aging infrastructures throughout the United States. The sensors send triggers, email alerts, and data across AT&T’s network to the IBM Watson Cloud where it can be accessed and shared anywhere in the world through a web-enabled device. This solution is a critical step to making our communities smarter, safer and more efficient.

It is predicted that data from IoT devices will yield insights that drive economic value of more than $11 trillion by 2025. Every brand and executive should be asking themselves what can be monetized, when, where, and by whom. The proliferation of IoT connected devices can lower operational costs, improve customer experience, safety and planning. All of which are key components to being competitive and a leader in any industry.

For the Olympics, IBM used Cloud and Watson to integrate spatial and bio-metric sensor data, conditioning data, and lap time data, to provide winning strategies for our speed skating athletes which resulted in a bronze medal for the women’s team after an eight-year drought.

IoT is changing every industry. The value of the information gives way to unimaginable insights.  Working with IBM Watson creates economic value for your business and enables you to evolve in new and exciting ways.

General Manager, IBM Global Media & Entertainment Industry

Craig Wilson

Vice President Sales, Global Telecom Industry IBM Global Markets (WW)

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