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Creating Infrastructure Agility

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Today, service providers are encountering ongoing pressures to cut costs while dealing with growth in data.  Pressure on profits due to increase cost of delivering growing data from Over the Top (OTT) providers continues to create a shrinking opportunity.  Service providers need to be able to shift services and drive digital innovation of new services to provide increasing sources of revenues.

The infrastructure enabling the service provider (both network and IT) to deliver services is increasingly under pressure to adapt to the changes required to carry more for less and adapt to the changes that fluctuate with the increasingly social and mobile world emerging.  The infrastructure has to adapt to growth, trends, and changing behaviors while containing costs to meet the needs of the service provider to become a digital innovator to create new sources of revenue. In essence the service provider needs infrastructure agility to meet the demands of today’s increasing world of data.

Infrastructure agility enables a service provider to deliver digital innovation in a growing environment, reduce costs, and rapidly enable or adjust to new services with the quality of service when needed that is expected of a service provider.  Infrastructure agility starts with Cloud to enable IT agility but requires multiple facets of transformation of the network and the Operational Support Systems(OSS) to enable the infrastructure of a service provider..  Each of these are coming with parallel streams of activity.  Agile development behaviors are needed to open up new opportunities of transformation while this needs to be done with an overall goal of moving to an infrastructure that can support the world of the digital service provider.

At the heart, cloud for IT agility enables the foundation for the overall transformation.  Applying cloud to delivering internal services, external services or network services brings together previously siloed innovation, operations, and delivery.  Cloud for IT Agility embraces a wide range of open standards and sources of implementation of those standards in order to open up a wider ability to embrace innovation of multiple types.  Cloud also embraces multiple implementation options, links to legacy environments and forms a dynamic hybrid cloud environment so the best delivery environment for a workload can be leveraged for using the best business model of cost, performance and speed of deployment.

Cloud that enables infrastructure agility overall though must also be delivered with resilience and security to protect the service provider, protect the users, and protect the business economy so that growth can be realized in a sustainable ongoing manner.  The cloud providing service provider agility must be secured from threats but also must have the ability to establish and limit access as well data usage within the privacy expectations of the owner of the data.  The Cloud for IT Agility must have the oversight and provide the insight needed to reduce business risk and provide assurance to both the provider and the user.

Enabling this type of cloud for IT Agility and for innovation is the foundation of IBM’s cloud approach for service providers. IBM Cloud and Management software as well as our extensive cloud delivery capability enable a service provider to drive digital innovation that they need.  Whether implementing or needing to rapidly expand cloud for innovation, IBM world class capabilities can enable the digital service provider. IBM Dynamic Cloud Security provides the assurance this is being done containing risk. IBM also provides a dev/ops environment that can be used to innovate or enable external users to innovate with the service provider bringing to reality the world of digital innovation with capabilities like IBM Bluemix for rapid creation of innovation.

Infrastructure Agility at IBM Mobile World Congress

Innovation Made with IBM at Mobile World Congress 2015

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