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Endurance Walkers Won’t Win the Race

A few months ago I visited The Hague to attend the SDN NFV World Congress during which time I also had the pleasure of speaking with Martyn Warwick from Telecom TV. We had a rich discussion and touched upon many of the issues faced by Telecom companies, but there is one encapsulating thought that I’d […]

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Failure Taught Us How to Succeed

There’s a heartwarming story around the birth of the internet that most might not recall. Common knowledge says the internet – and in many ways the first global network – was created in 1969 by a small team at the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). Looking back it would seem that the network was […]

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IBM joining ONAP Project to Accelerate NFV Adoption

Cloud-based networking with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) holds great promise for both service providers and enterprises, driving cost of out of the business while providing more agility in delivering new services to market.  Yet the adoption of NFV hasn’t always kept pace with the hopes of its supporters.  IBM’s CTO for Telecommunications, Craig Farrell, outlined […]

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