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At the Edge of Data – The Next Picasso

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Increasingly in telecommunications we talk about software defined radios and switches and we are now laying out standards for software defined networks. The same happens every day in IT as general purpose hardware and better software replace custom systems, for example in analytics. In the wider world where everything is becoming instrumented and interconnected, software is increasingly providing intelligence in our daily lives and a smarter planet is a software defined one.

Two forces at the centre of this shift are cloud computing and mobility. Both of these independently enable better (faster, more secure, in more places) access to better software. When combined into Mobile Cloud the result is the opportunity to put the software people need right into their pockets wherever they are. This can be something as fun as giving a child a painting program on their tablet at school or as life changing as putting cancer diagnosis software with access to all the research in the world at the fingertips of doctors everywhere.

At MWC I’m on the Mobile Cloud panel (Monday 25th, 14:00 to 15:30, Hall 4, Auditorium 5) discussing the business case for mobile cloud services. I’m optimistic about the opportunities for service providers. Every time we’ve added computing capability and access to it, new value has been created by our industry. Many have tried, few have succeeded so far. We don’t have all the answers yet but I’m looking forward to the discussion. See you at #MWC13!

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