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An invitation to `Be the Center of the Connected Ecosystem’

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During my trip to Asia in the summer of 2013, I met with the CEO of a Communications Service Provider (CSP). With only a few his direct reports (CTO, CIO and Head of Enterprise/B2B business) and the IBM team in the room discussing key strategic initiatives, he made an interesting comment:

“… We’ve been driving a major initiative, called ‘Beyond Connectivity’ very hard, with only mixed results so far… moving from ‘vendor & customer’ to a ‘partner ecosystem’ has been one of the biggest challenges…”

Looking back, that company was not alone. Under the mounting pressure to grow their top line outside of traditional connectivity-related services, many CSPs have been looking for new revenue streams in emerging areas, including Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Cloud and Security, just to name a few.

However, those efforts have not always generated the desired results. Some of the common challenges that CSPs have been facing include:

  • Complexity in (or lack of) new business model to drive growth with partners
  • Cost of building and maintaining scalable infrastructure and platform
  • Gap in skills, capabilities and culture to grow collaborative and innovative ecosystem.

Throughout many client engagements with CSPs of all sizes around the world, IBM has gained many insights on how to create new revenue streams with ecosystem partners on cost-effective infrastructure and platform, which will be shared at “Be the Center of the Connected Ecosystem” zone of the IBM booth at Mobile World Congress 2016.



IBM global experts with deep industry expertise will share Point of Views (PoVs) and demonstrate some of the key capabilities that help CSPs to:

  • Build an API economy to connect and grow the IoT ecosystem
  • Create new enterprise solutions faster
  • Offer integrated cloud services that are easy to manage and consume
  • Develop business and IoT applications with cognitive and analytics capabilities
  • Improve customer experience during sporting events
  • Pursue new opportunities in IoT, i.e., Intelligent Operations Center for cities.

By no means, the list above is complete. Please come visit us at Mobile World Congress 2016 and learn more about all the new ideas, art-of-the-possible use cases and various emerging business models, which I believe will provide much more actionable insights than ever before.

Strategy and Offering Development, B2B Services - Cloud & IoT, IBM's Global Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Industry Team

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