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Digital disruption is here and it’s happening across all industries!  Cloud is accelerating the transformation to a new Digital Economy …. This is especially true in the Telecommunications Industry, where we are witnessing a colossal digital shake up, as over the top (OTT) digital giants and new startups are upsetting the status quo. These digital invaders are shifting the competitive landscape, siphoning revenues and squeezing industry profits. Further, the Telecommunications industry is also the enabler of the digital economy across industries.

To compete in this new Digital Economy, Telecommunications leaders around the world are taking radical steps to transform their business, create new value and deliver growth.

  • First, they are creating open and agile “platforms” for digital transformation: underpinned by APIs to prepare for constant and unpredictable change.
  • Second, they are establishing a cloud-first, analytics-driven strategy: providing the means to tap new markets and deliver a personalized user experience.
  • Third, they are cultivating an ecosystem-based approach for innovation:  becoming the center of their “connected ecosystem” and leveraging the creativity, techniques, and attitudes of startups, combined with the experience of established industry partners to create new digital services… faster.

At IBM we are helping to make this shift to Digital easier than you may think:  

  • Starting with IBM Hybrid Cloud: which provides the freedom to choose and change on premise or off-premise environments as needed. And, to develop, test, deploy & scale standardized & repeatable services across both networks & IT.
  • Next, by leveraging IBM Bluemix and agile development methods: to rapidly compose new applications and services with APIs and micro-services; that can be integrated securely across legacy systems and new cloud environments.
  • And finally, by applying IBM Cognitive services: to enable analytics-driven systems and operations that can actually think, learn and remember.

At IBM it is our belief, that “Digital” in fact is not the final destination but instead, it is the foundation for a new era of business!  Explore the new white paper “Identify API Use Cases for the Telecommunications Industry and see how IBM can help fuel your innovation and reach new audiences by making APIs part of your business model.

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