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Anthony Behan

Anthony Behan

Digital Transformation Segment Leader, IBM Global Telecommunications Industry

bill lambertson

Bill Lambertson

Global Cloud Leader, IBM Global Telecommunications Industry

bob fox

Bob Fox

Global Industry Leader in Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, IBM

craig farrell

Craig Farrell

VP and Chief Technology Officer, Global Telecom Industry, IBM

rob van den dam

Rob van den Dam

Global Telecommunications Industry Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

steve teitzel

Steven Teitzel

Telco Global Solution Exec – Network Transformation, IBM

Customer experience personalization

Today, choice-rich, fragmented customers demand personalized service and engagement.

Discover how Communications and Media companies are giving their customers what they want when they want it, to build engagement and loyalty.

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Capitalizing on disruption

The communications industry has become a complex battlefield, as communications service providers (CSPs) feel the squeeze of competition of digital disruptors, such as Facebook, Google, Skype, WhatsApp, LINE and WeChat.

Discover how you can outthink disruption in communications!

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The 2020 CSP in the cognitive era

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