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A new web series on Big Data: The IBM Big Data Brunch Series – Episode 1: Big Data Implementation and Adoption in Telcos

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In the last few months, I have been meeting with a number of CSPs who are just beginning their Big Data journey. They are looking to first of all understand what Big Data means to them, what their peers are doing with Big Data and also understand what best practices exist around ensuring business outcomes from Big Data adoption.

I thought it would be fun for people interested in the topic to join in on an interactive dialogue with IBM and industry thought leaders, clients and business partners who are engaged on Big Data. With that in mind, we hit upon the idea of creating a new web series focused on individual experiences, best practices and gains from Big Data technology and program adoption and livestreamed our first episode of the IBM Big Data Brunch Series on August 7 via Google+ Hangout which is now viewable on the link below from the IBM Smarter Communications YouTube channel.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christine Twiford, IBM Business Solutions Executive on Big Data for telcos, who was an early adopter of Big Data technology for a major wireless provider in the US and who outlines for us key best practices in understanding and adopting Big Data programs not just from a technology perspective but also in terms of operations, processes and key resources/staffing.

This will be an ongoing web series and we have already identified a number of topics we would like to cover with key speakers in this domain, both internally to IBM as well as from our broad community of business partners, clients and industry thought leaders. What topics are of most interest to you and do you have any experiences and best practices that you would like to share in adopting/implementing Big Data type projects?

IBM Big Data and Analytics Leader

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