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Improving customer experience: 5 ways to impress the customer

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Here are five proven ways for communication service providers to provide better customer experience that can also resonate for broadcasters and media companies.

However, first and foremost it is important for Communications Service Providers and Media and Entertainment firms to make sure they are doing a good job at meeting customer expectations particularly with respect to price and customer support. Once they are meeting customer expectations well, then they can focus on these strategies that are designed to exceed customer expectations and impres their clients.

1.  Deliver value quickly

Seeing value immediately from a new service, feature or device is critical. Providing sensible defaults as well as some standard configuration templates that can quickly be adopted, has proven to be an effective way to meet customer desires for simple activation. Providing advice by suggesting the most popular configurations used by other users can be all that is needed.

2.  Reward loyalty

Loyalty programs generally involve accumulating points or credits over time that can be ‘spent’ on goods and services from the service or content provider. For service providers offering customers exclusive, discounted/free or upgraded offers for products such as handsets, telecom services and bandwidth upgrades can be quickly implemented. Extending this to events and promotions with content partners and third party solution offerings can also improve a customer’s experience with their provider.

3.  Involve customers in your success

Executives from many large corporations often cite slogans such as “listening to their customers” and “understanding what our customers want” but very few have good examples of customer-sourced ideas/product or operational changes that have been incorporated into the business. Service providers should seek customer opinions and where possible celebrate and advertise examples of innovative customer ideas, optimizations and suggestions.

4.  If something goes wrong ‘make it right or make up for it’

In a restaurant if an order is wrong the restaurant may try to ‘make it right’ with the customer by offering them a free dessert or a free meal on their next visit. This ‘make it right or make it up to them’ concept is common in industries that have high values for customer experience. Adopting a ‘make it right’ philosophy for service providers might be something along the lines of a discount on the bill based upon the number of dropped calls, or – for pre-paid subscribers – a credit for a dropped call. Actions like these both inform the client that the service provider is aware of their issues and shows that it is endeavoring to ‘make it right’, therefore managing to offer exquisite customer experience.

5.  Give them something they are not expecting

Providing an unexpected reward to customers, if done correctly, can be a very effective way to generate significant publicity as well as a boost in customer sentiment (and revenue).

Improving Customer Experience
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VP and Chief Technology Officer, Global Telecom Industry at IBM

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