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Outthink the network with the help of Dynamic Operations

I departed on a trip recently for work after not traveling for a few months. It was an odd rhythm in the summer for me compared to the past number of years. I realized as I traveled across the ocean I normally overlook a number of things as I journey. The same may be true […]

Uniquely Generation Z Survey Reveals a New Telecom Transformation

Have you read the new the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) global survey of 15,600 “Gen Z-ers” – consumers between the ages of 13 and 21? I just finished this must-read piece of research and I can’t help but recall a sci-fi TV show. One episode in particular. There’s a fascinating moment in the […]

A History-Changing Moment for the IoT – In Case You Missed It

This week the world crossed a threshold that many people going about their daily lives might have missed. That is, the Internet of Things, which has been touted as the greatest development to connect humanity since the internal combustion engine, went officially from theory to reality. The threshold came in the form of an announcement […]

Reinvention is No Longer a Choice, It’s a Survival Skill

The barriers between industries keep falling and the game keeps changing. Today, companies are defined by the experiences they create, and are held to ever increasing expectations by their prospects and customers. Leaders confront these challenges by reinvention — creating a continual edge for their company.  You bring the inspiration and need for continual improvement. […]

Reinventing Networks – Cognitive Service Operations

Cognitive Service Operations – Bringing cognitive and service innovation together with network operations to drive value in cloud-based networking! What a great opportunity this has been to take a glimpse in this series at unifying operations support systems (uOSS). We’ve touched on two of three key areas and now we get to talk to a […]

IBM joining ONAP Project to Accelerate NFV Adoption

Cloud-based networking with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) holds great promise for both service providers and enterprises, driving cost of out of the business while providing more agility in delivering new services to market.  Yet the adoption of NFV hasn’t always kept pace with the hopes of its supporters.  IBM’s CTO for Telecommunications, Craig Farrell, outlined […]

Agile Network DevOps – Applying Cloud Innovation to the virtual network!

Cloud brings to the network a set of capabilities beyond virtualization.  Cloud opens an opportunity of innovation for network.  Cloud opened for IT more than optimization of delivery through virtualization.  Cloud opened an ability at scale in IT to innovate that is called Agile DevOps.  Applying this to networking opens more value from cloud-based networking, […]

Reinventing Networks: Service Lifecycle Management

“To unify or not to unify OSS….. is there an option?” Reinventing networks in a virtual age requires rethinking the operation support system (OSS).  It requires a unification of OSS.  The keystone driving this unification is the focus on the life of a network service or the service lifecycle and the management of it throughout […]

First-Mover Advantage for Telecoms Embracing IP Services

Recently, I have been spending time with carriers and service providers (CSPs) discussing plans to transform from legacy TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) services to Internet Protocol (IP) based services in the future.  Telecoms Embracing IP Services is necessary because: •    The cost of maintenance. Both the parts and people who understand legacy equipment are making […]

Reinventing Networks: Unifying OSS

Last week we talked about reinventing networks and the need to “Commit, Adapt, and Innovate….Incessantly”. Reinventing networks with Cloud-based Networking using NFV/SDN compels you to think across multiple dimensions of the opportunity at the same time. We are seeing three layers of discussion occurring in this reinvention. First, in the infrastructure, much good work through […]

Reinventing Networks: Commit, Adapt, Innovate

“Commit, adapt, innovate”….sounds very avant-guard, techie and leading edge.  However, over the holidays at the end of the year I was able to take some down time enough to get to the point of simply being able to find a moment or two to read, ponder, and ‘connect dots’.  I sometimes find reading in  completely […]

Back to the Future: The Digital Transformation Journey Continues

Remember in the movie “Back to the Future Part II” where Marty McFly makes his get-away from the soda-shop on an air-borne skateboard – a Hoverboard.  It was 1989, and at the time it seemed pretty cool and pretty far-fetched.  That is, until a year ago when hoverboards began to appear in the market.  Technology […]

Understand Content and Audience Insights for a Perfect Union through Cognitive

One of Archimedes’ many quotes is “…with a lever I will move the whole world”. Could deep audience and content insights derived from analytics be such a lever? The Audience Being passionate about Big Data and Analytics, we enjoy seeing how our efforts to understand the ‘gory’ details of the audience are bringing a great […]