Cloud Computing

If automation is the end game, then machine-enabled automation is a winning hand

Moving to cloud-based networking with network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) demands new ways to enable operations and service lifecycles across hybrid networks. The ability to operate and orchestrate the network through machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with automation is a key requirement to delivering on the promised business benefits of network […]

Industry Insights

Failure Taught Us How to Succeed

There’s a heartwarming story around the birth of the internet that most might not recall. Common knowledge says the internet – and in many ways the first global network – was created in 1969 by a small team at the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). Looking back it would seem that the network was […]

Media & Entertainment

When Watson Dons Tennis Whites, Wimbledon Fans Rejoice

If Fred Perry were alive today, I have no doubt that the last Englishman to win Wimbledon would be endlessly fascinated – and maybe even honoured – that IBM’s latest version of the tennis tournament fan app has an “Ask Fred” feature. It’s a virtual concierge service that will tell you where to get everything […]

AI: Here Now and Delivering

Machines that think! AI was on the cover of Time Magazine with an image showing Rodin’s statue ‘The Thinker’ embodied as circuitry in a microprocessor.  It was the late 1980s and AI was an exciting field, promising to solve a whole new range of problems.  I had just joined the workforce with a major in […]

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Enforcing accountability in media

The digital transformation of the media and entertainment (M&E) industry has resulted in dynamic and evolving ecosystems that have become increasingly complex and have introduced new challenges in the area of digital rights, advertising and digital fraud. Blockchain technology can help address these challenges. It has the potential to better manage media assets – such […]

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IBM recognized as operations leader for seventh consecutive year

IBM has been named a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Support Systems. Gartner explored major vendors that sell end-to-end OSS communication service providers in the global marketplace and IBM improved its position as a leader for our completeness of vision and continued execution. This is the seventh consecutive year that IBM […]

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Zero touch is not an option at any level

Zero touch operations for today’s networks and the emerging world of virtualized networks is as much about people and process as it is about technology. Today’s emerging networks are increasingly complex, and they can’t function simply by extending the practices of yesterday’s network operations. More and more, we are finding that clients are challenged to move beyond Day 0 deployment […]

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Media and Entertainment Incumbents Strike Back

The digital world has turned the media and entertainment (M&E) industry upside down. Digital disruptors such as Netflix and Amazon are now competing directly with traditional M&E companies for the time, advocacy and money of consumers. Two years ago, CxOs told us they were deeply worried about digital companies invading their industry. Now, they seem […]

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The case for automation beyond imagination

The need for service providers to virtualize their networks has never been more urgent. Every year, the business reality becomes clearer: a network built on hardware alone simply can’t scale at a competitive cost. For years, however, service providers have only taken small steps to address this pressing issue through short-term deployments and limited proof-of-concepts. […]

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IoT: Bridges and the bronze medal

In 2018, the word “connected” is used in every industry – be it personal, manufacturing, mobile or global. The image of connected conjures thoughts of technology making people and things more accessible. In the case of IoT, the purpose is to provide insightful information that enables individuals and organizations to make higher quality decisions. What […]

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Don’t count out the incumbents just yet

The digital giants’s industry disruptions may be making headlines, but many of the more than 12,800 executives of incumbent companies surveyed in IBM’s newly released Global C-suite Study are fighting back—and some are packing quite a punch. The key is that these incumbents aren’t simply digitizing their businesses. Instead, they’re responding to massive changes in […]

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CSPs are facing a customer service crisis. Here’s what they can do about it.

There aren’t too many industries worse at customer service than telecommunications. Hold times for technical support calls are infuriatingly long. Few services—like paying bills and switching phone plans—are automated. And no communications service providers can claim the ability to deliver the same customer service across channels. Why? For decades, communication service providers wielded enormous power […]

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The race to scale network virtualization through automation is accelerating

Telcos, buckle up: The race to bring virtualized networks to scale is speeding up. The idea of network function virtualization first emerged in 2012 as a way for telcos to meet rising demand for bandwidth, cut down costs, and speed up delivery of new services. But for the most part, implementations have been slow and […]

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Winning customer loyalty with conversational agents

Of the service experiences we love to hate, communication service providers (CSPs) frequently top the list. From the thoughtless to the painful, those experiences burn lasting impressions into our feelings for our service providers. Our expectations as customers have shifted. Digital disruption has meant that our questions can be answered instantly, our problems resolved before […]

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2018 will be a banner year for ONAP

In the ongoing campaign to meet insatiable bandwidth demand, a telecom company’s best friend is network function virtualization— an initiative designed to lower costs and quicken the delivery of new services. As more carriers and vendors explore moving their network functions from traditional hardware-based appliances to cloud-based software, the question of how best to implement […]

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