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User Experience—the Way to Ensure Return on SAP Investment

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The SAPPHIRE NOW Conference is coming soon!  One of the new forums is called “The Future of Work.” It’s about the User Experience—how today’s workforce thinks, reacts, and learns in the SAP environment.   I think this subject is one of the most important things we can address to ensure our clients achieve all the benefits they hope to get when they implement SAP.

What Drives the SAP User Experience v2

At IBM, we are focused on the User Experience.  After all, the people who use the SAP system and new processes are the ones who actually achieve the benefits.  In our IBM Lab Experience, clients will be able to explore User Experience in the following areas:

User Interface/Accessibility:  How easy is it for users to access the system?  Are they able to use mobile devices to access transactions they need in the field?  How many “clicks” does it take for them to accomplish their work?

User Communications:  How do users get information about changes to business processes or system capabilities?  Do they read emails or newsletters, or are social collaboration tools available to build communities and enable information sharing?

User Learning Experience:  Are users receiving training exclusively in classrooms with instructors?  Or is learning “viral” where users can learn “on demand” with innovative tools like serious games?

User Performance:  How can organizations tell whether employees are using the system properly to drive the planned business results?  Must they rely on help desk tickets to gage accuracy, manual financial data to track improvements to the business or automated dashboards or tools that help them analyze their performance?

What has been YOUR company’s SAP User Experience?  Meet us at Sapphire in the IBM Booth —we can help you enhance your user experience and achieve your benefits.  Our team has great experience in assisting clients to embrace new and innovative tools to address each User Experience area.  We incorporate new SAP tools like Knoa, SAP Jam, Success Factors, Personas, and Fiori into our SAP implementations with IBM innovation and creativity.

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