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Maybe it’s the dry, perfectly conditioned air that is pumped into the over-sized warehouse room.  Maybe it’s the fact that you have been on your feet for hours on  end, but whatever the reason you see the trade show promotional item and you must have it.  Your children will absolutely love the dancing, gyrating robot.  Right?

IBM Cloud takes the “tchotchke” up a notch at SAPPHIRE 2017 with something that actually will help you in your job. At the IBM Booth #400, we will be handing out vouchers for a free copy of the latest IBM book published by Insider books (publishers of SAP Insider) entitled “SAP In The Cloud: Migration Roadmap.” With the voucher, you can pick up your free hard copy at the SAP Insider SAPPHIRE booth.

In “SAP In The Cloud: Migration Roadmap” you will learn about:

  • The benefits of running an SAP landscape in the cloud
  • Cloud managed services for SAP
  • Requirements for migrating to the cloud
  • Activation
  • Onboarding in the cloud
  • Cloud migration project governance and management
  • Service-level agreements
  • Integration

This book is a sequel to SAP in the Cloud: An Executive Guide also published by SAP Insider. While that volume made the case for why you should move your SAP applications to the cloud, this book will explain how to do it. Written for a wide range of audiences, the book is a rich source of information about migrating to the cloud.

But wait…..there’s more, and it’s not a KOOZIE (which I have yet to see proof that they work). But, the authors of the “Migration Roadmap” book Adam Bundy, Cloud Managed Services Sales Specialists and Andy Hackett, IBM Cloud Engineer will be at the IBM booth #400 on Tuesday May 16th at 10:30 to talk about the book and answer any questions you might have.

So, make plans to attend and bring your questions and if that is not incentive enough there is a rumor that a booth near IBM’s is giving out free sponge ball stress relievers.

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