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Top Insights from our #DigitalReinvention Chat You Won’t Want to Miss

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Digital transformation has evolved into more than a future possibility in the back of our collective business cognition. It’s now a necessity to begin the process of digitally reinventing your business – it’s a matter of survival to survive and thrive in the modern marketplace.

With SAPPHIRE 2017 on our doorstep, we hosted a CrowdChat session for IBM and SAP experts to come together and discuss the digital transformation journey for corporations.

Below is a curation of some of the best insights from the chat. A special thanks to our participants who shared their expertise with the attendees. Read the entire chat transcript here.

What is driving the need for companies to digitally transform their business?

  • Companies need to stay competitive in the marketplace and adopt the disruption going on. They need to adopt a cloud strategy for cost savings, competitive strategy and put a plan in place for growth – Madhuri Chawla
  • CXO’s tell me it’s not just about cutting costs anymore, it’s about finding new revenue channels or new markets and doing it quickly – Matthew Schwartz

What are the key things to consider when embarking on your #DigitalTransformation journey?

  • 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. To succeed you need a new digital core: a simplified environment, real-time processing. – Dragica Boca
  • Different companies may start in different places, but the overall opportunity is to engage your market in ways that transform your position in the market. – Donovan Guin

How can you build the right organization and ecosystems, with the #RightTalent?

  • A smarter engaged workforce is key to #DigitalTransformation. Identifying, retaining & building the right talent, creating a culture of innovation, design thinking, decision making, agile working. See cognitive Talent AdvisorMark Dudgeon
  • New skills in IT, Operations, and business are required to take full advantage of the power of the new digital technologies. Training and change management must be part of your plan! –  Matthew Schwartz

How should customer experience factor into your #DigitalTransformation strategy?

  • When it comes to digital transformation, nothing transforms quite like getting more customers. Also remember that customer experience is not just setting up new sites or apps; it’s about engaging your customers in new, impactful ways using digital. – Donovan Guin
  • Priority no. 1. Guide your clients to the right offering – not only in a face to face conversation. Also in your online store. Out of stock was never acceptable. Out of information & personalized selling is the new “out of stock”. – Alfred Menger

How do you drive insights from #bigdata and embed #AI to drive business value?

  • We live in an age where there is a constant stream of incoming data and vast amounts of untapped data that has been harvested for years. We’re just now getting to the point where we can efficiently analyze all this big data and develop insights to drive. Dark data hides unconventional information that would never seem relevant in the past. – John Kirby
  • In the customer experience, you can have AI engage your customers in real time, to generate much more personalized content, recommendations and more – Donovan Guin

What is a #digitallytransformed state and how does a modernized core affect your strategy, operations, and technology?

  • One of the key elements of a #digitallytransformed business is a re-platformed #S4HANA core with intelligent and automated business processes and bring together transactions and analytics in real time to be smarter, faster and simpler. Implement next-generation business systems for Finance & Supply Chain Transformation “Modernised & Stable Systems of Record Core” through #S4HANA See IBM and SAP eBook “Finance in the Era of #DigitalTransformation”Mark Dudgeon
  • A #DigitalEnterprise is a fully integrated system of adaptive, real-time insights driven by the latest SAP S/4Hana 1610+ system, with focused industry solutions, hosted in the cloud and designed with the end-user in mind. – John Kirby

What role does #mobility fit into your #DigitalTransformation strategy?

  • IBM and SAP are bringing SAP-powered iOS apps to market: enterprise ready business apps for intuitive, engaging user experience. It can prioritize jobs on the fly, access information, view step by step directions. – Dragica Boca
  • Mobile offers the ability to improve customer UX and enable more-productive employee interactions “Anytime, Anywhere”. The IBM-SAP-Apple partnership combination take UX to a new level. e.g. Find & Fix MobileFirst AppMark Dudgeon

What technology deployment options should you consider in your #DigitalTransformation journey? 

  • The two most often considered options are Cloud and On-premise. Each has advantages, disadvantages and a variety of deployment options. Cloud offers the potential of increased agility, flexibility, scalability and decreased costs. On-premise potentially offers more control of performance objectives, alignment with corporate security, HA/DR and Backup/Recovery standards, and with IBM’s virtualization, competitive costs. – Alfred Freudenberger
  • Cloud or On-premise – Factors – Cost; Speed of deployment; Growth Strategy. See the white paper and also Benefits Estimator toolMadhuri Chawla
  • Always think about cloud first. 80%+ of your business processes are standard, and are not the prime reason why you are successful in the market. These processes can be all handled by standard offerings in a cloud. – Alfred Menger

How have application management services adjusted to reflect clients’ digital agenda and changing business / user demands?

  • Our AMS solutions have become more flexible, leaner and cost efficient because they are cloud-based and are mobile. – John Kirby
  • This is all about automation and cognitive: ticket analysis, user assist, code assist to help improving quality and efficiency while reducing cost of operations. Greater value comes from combining cognitive with robotic automation, and integrating them across the application lifecycle. – Dragica Boca

What are some customer examples of innovative #DigitalTransformation solutions?

What can we can expect at #SAPPHIRENOW 2017?

  • We’re bringing together the best of our focused industry solutions driven by SAP S/4Hana 1610+ and combining it with our Watson, Mobility, Cloud and IoT offerings to create an Enterprise Service that isn’t being done anywhere else! –  John Kirby
  • Many customer cases for digital transformation. Hands on workshops at the IBM booth; interaction with early adopters of DT strategies. And of course great networking with DT experts – Alfred Menger
  • We will have a variety of IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA subject matter experts to discuss how this platform allows HANA to be optimized for your on-prem implementations – Alfred Freudenberger

What do you think? Add your insights in the comments section and meet the IBM experts at booth #400 to discover how to reinvent your business in the cognitive era!

To learn more about innovative joint solutions, visit our IBM-SAP Alliance website.

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